The Best and Fun Things To Do In Elementaita

Located in the Rift Valley, between Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru lies this epitome of beauty, the perfect spot for an out-of-town kind of escapade.

Acacia trees, rising waters, fresh crisp air and scenic views are what define Elementaita.

If you are looking to break the monotony of a daily routine, then consider retreating to the place.

The serenity is to die for, and the whole aura is a far cry from the chaos of urbanization.

A romantic getaway would thrive in this kind of space, so if you have been looking to spend adequate time with your loved one, Elementaita has you covered.

Group activities would also thrive here, so feel free to tag a team with you, or simply go on a solo trip and enjoy quality time rejuvenating.

You can get to Elementaita via air transport, using the airstrip at Naivasha then drive to the place, or simply use road transport as you take in the stunning views along the way.

Below are some places to visit in Elementaita, and the respective fun activities to engage in.

An excursion on Lake Elementaita

Lake Elementaita is a saline lake found in Nakuru County, and visiting the place should top your to-do list.

Due to algae found in the water, it takes on a pink hue, such a rare colour and forms one of the most spectacular sights.

Things To Do in Elementaita

It is also known as a bird haven and has been named by UNESCO as a world heritage centre with the hundreds of species that flock there during the migration season.

Greater and Lesser flamingos especially are a common sight, painting the waters an attractive shade of pink. It is intriguing watching them fishing for food or simply playing.

Other bird types found here are pelicans, eagles, and spoonbills, and they do justice in bringing a nature vibe to the place.

At dusk, the sunset view is simply exhilarating, and if you are a romantic at heart, this is bound to entice you.

The golden rays of the sun upon the pink waters form a most spectacular view

Skinny-dip at the Kikopey Springs

Skinny-dipping is basically swimming naked. The Kikopey Springs are naturally heated and trust me, a sauna cannot hold a candle to this.

The temperature in the area can get breezy, and what better way to warm up nicely other than in teeming natural warm waters?

There are children-sized thermal pools for your young ones to enjoy too. The experience here, especially after a rigorous day, is truly therapeutic.

Enjoy views of the rift valleys and lush green areas as you unwind. Afterwards, retreat to the Kikopey centre for sumptuous meals.

If you are a meat lover, then you are guaranteed an epic experience indulging in your favourite dishes; either pork, beef, mutton or chicken, specifically cooked how you want it, whether grilled, fried, or boiled.

Different accompaniments are served like ugali, fries and rice. The centre is strategically positioned along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway and has quite a number of meat stalls and places to indulge in drinks. It’s both a dine-in and take-out centre, and they offer deliveries as well.

Quad bike at the Soysambu Conservancy

If you are looking to interact with diverse flora and fauna, then this is just the place. The Conservancy was set up to preserve wildlife and is privately owned.

The Soysambu Conservancy was initially a ranch, farmed by Lord Delamere but after bankruptcy, it was converted and over the years has become home to various wildlife.

The place is home to over 400 bird species that you should definitely interact with.

Go on guided game drives where you interact with the Rothschild giraffe, rhinos and colobus monkeys.

Seeing the animals up close is thrilling, you will need a camera for this.

Within the Soysambu Conservancy are vast nature treks, perfect to go for walks and getting lost in the sheer beauty of nature.

Quad biking is a thrilling way to tour the expansive piece of land, and the bikes are up for hire at a small price.

Cycling is another fun activity to engage in, not to mention the health benefits. You can bring a bicycle with you or hire one at the site.

Visit the Kariandusi Museum

If you can’t get enough of history, then visit this prehistoric site to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Known as the cradle of mankind, the site is home to fossils proving the existence of man, dating back to thousands of years ago.

The site was discovered in 1928 by Dr Louis Leakey and has continued to be a site of wonder, that tourists come from far for an educational tour.

The multilingual guides are very friendly and well-versed in history, they will give you all the intricate details of the Stone Age era, and which fossils were discovered.

Other than skull remains, the museum preserves artefacts used by the olden man such as farm tools, weaponry, hand axes and cooking implements.

They serve to show how things have evolved gradually over time. Within the museum are nature trails where you can go for walks, and take in the beautiful surroundings, and the spectacular lake is just a stone’s throw away.

Bush dine at the Serena Camp

Located at the heart of the Soysambu Conservancy, this state-of-the-art facility is exactly what you need to make your stay worthwhile.

If you are looking for pomp, luxury and a place that pays unwavering attention to detail then look no further.

Accommodation is offered in sleeping tents, lavishly furnished to suit everyone’s taste.

Serena Camp at Lake Elementaita

The Flamingo suite is specifically tailored for honeymoons, just what you need for the perfect romantic retreat.

Wake up to stunning views of the teeming waters from the lake, instantly spicing up your morning.

Have an exquisite breakfast by the lake shore, with nothing but the chirping birds filling your morning.

Afterwards, go on game drives to interact with nature and have a thrilling lunch at the heart of wildlife, surrounded by over 10,000 animals and hundreds of birds; nothing quite beats such an experience.

Tour the camp on a horse ride, and learn archery, which is not only a sport but a survival skill.

You will need a slightly higher budget to stay at the camp, but it is the exact definition of value for money.

Ride on a hot air balloon

There is no better way to tour Elementaita other than on a hot air balloon, giving you stunning panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

The tour begins at sunrise, specifically at 6.00 a.m as you watch the gleaming sun. The whole ride takes about an hour, and it is so smooth you literally feel nothing, so you need not worry about height phobia.

Once you’re up high, you can see the whole of Lake Elementaita and the pink flamingos surrounding it and even the nearby Lake Nakuru.

The Sleeping Warrior hill forms the most breathtaking backdrop, seeing it so up close.

Since the ride takes place at the Soysambu Conservancy, you can see different animals in their natural habitats just getting up and searching for food.

After the tour, an exquisite breakfast awaits you, with accompaniments such as champagne and other assortments being served.

The breakfast is served at the heart of the conservancy, giving you the opportunity to interact with wildlife and take photos.

Camp at the PinkLakeMan lodge

Acacia trees, breezy air, log cabins and bonfires are the stuff that defines this place.

It is the perfect spot to put up if you are looking to be away from people and noise, the only thing crowding your space is the rushing waters from the lake and the swaying trees.

You can either stay at the log cabins or the treehouse, both overlooking the pink lake, hence the name.

Near the lodge is a seasonal river in the middle of the woods, you should definitely consider going on a walk, it will help you rejuvenate and calm your thoughts.

The staff are very hospitable, catering for your every need. If you love music, you might have to bring your own music system, since the place highly prioritizes silence.

Different local delicacies are offered, specially made just how you like it, and a bar, fully stocked with every assortment of drinks is available should you wish to indulge and let loose.

Warm by the bonfires lit at night, which will come in handy with the wintry kind of weather.

Tell and listen to stories from the manager about the history of the place, and finally fall asleep in sheer silence, with only the chirping crickets filling your ears.

Once you are done touring Elementaita, Eldoret and Kericho are nearby towns, also found in the Rift Valley that have plenty to offer in terms of adventure and interesting activities to partake in.