The Best And Fun Things To Do In Nakuru

Recently made a city, Nakuru is situated in the heart of Rift Valley, Kenya. Its beautiful, lush scenery is to die for, not to mention the numerous activities one can engage in.

Everything is strategically located and conventionally suited for all kinds of personalities, adrenaline lovers, game watchers, and even sunset lovers.

Whether you’re looking for something affordable or luxurious, you get to have your pick over a wide range. If you are a little laid back and prefer something in the history domain, Nakuru has you covered in that too.

Here are the best activities and places to visit when you are in Nakuru;

1. Lake Nakuru National Park

This place is best suited for those who are thrilled by wildlife, not to mention the wide array of birds seen on the lake. The flamingoes are a spectacular site, leaving a somewhat pink carpet on the lake.

The baboon cliff situated in the park gives breathtaking views of the lake from different angles.

The baboon cliff, as the name suggests, has numerous baboons, most of which are harmless and quite friendly, though care has to be taken due to the larger ones that could be quite aggressive if provoked.

The fun doesn’t end there, and those who would fancy a marvellous site have Makalia Falls to visit. The falls, located towards the end of the lake, are best enjoyed after a season of long rains.

Things To Do In Nakuru

Anyone visiting the park should put a game drive on their bucket list. The park is home to different wildlife and the drive offers the rare chance to watch them at such close quarters.

Ranging from rhinos to zebras, giraffes, and cheetahs, the feeling of watching them roam freely is worth the shot.

The amenities present are suited for both adults and kids and are the perfect getaway for a family holiday.

The entrance fee is very reasonable, with the park charging Ksh 860 for adults and Ksh 215 for kids (citizens and residents) and USD 60 for adults, and USD 35 for kids (non-residents)

2. The Lord Egerton Castle

Lord Egerton Castle is situated on the outskirts of Nakuru City, on a small stretch of land called Njoro, and is fittingly named after its owner, the late Lord Egerton.

The age-old site tells a spinning tale of what a man would do for the one he loves, and worse, what he would do in the event that the affection and gesture are not reciprocated.

The site takes on an impeccable combination of ancient buildings with a touch of modernity.

The place is quite expansive, with the castle boasting 53 rooms inside it, and the outside with beautifully mowed grass that would be ideal for a picnic set up or even camping.

Team building activities are also permitted on the vast grounds. The fact that it’s situated in a quiet place offers plenty of space to rejuvenate away from the daily chaos of urban life.

Inside the castle, one finds plenty of history, dating from how the tale began, to why and when the buildings were set up, to how the tale unwinds to a bitter end, a classical case of a love gone wrong.

The charges here are extremely affordable, with adults being required to pay Ksh 150 and the kids paying Ksh 50.

3. The Menengai Crater

The Menengai Crater should be on the to-do list of anyone visiting Nakuru.

Located only a few kilometres to the North of Nakuru, the Caldera is the largest in the country and the second-largest in Africa. Formed after the eruption of a volcano, it remains a spectacular site to see.

The site is best suited for those who wouldn’t mind a little adrenaline rush since it involves hiking, though cycling can also be done.

The crater is home to different tree species and offers a wonderful trekking route for nature lovers.

Horse and camel riding is also offered on the site. The site even has hot springs, an unending wonder.

To top it up, the charges are only Ksh 200, and one can spend the entire day marvelling at how beautiful the place is, not to mention the numerous healthy activities they can engage in.

4. The Hyrax Hill

The Hyrax Hill is a prehistoric site located roughly four kilometres on the outskirts of Nakuru city. The site is ideal for history fanatics and has archaeological evidence about the early existence of man.

The quiet site has a museum and galleries where artefacts from prehistoric sites are stored.

Hyrax Hill offers an opportunity to learn about evolution and the steps man has taken to this day.

After visiting the museum, you can go on a trek and get in touch with nature. The hill offers an exquisite view of Lake Nakuru and one can even camp there for a few days.

Some sites have been left open after excavation, so the public can go view them to their satisfaction.

The charges are very affordable with adults paying Ksh 100 and children below 16 years paying Ksh 50.

5. Lake Naivasha

If you love to cruise a lake on a boat, then this is the place for you.

Lake Naivasha’s beautiful scenery is already enough to contend with, but seeing it closely on a boat is simply something else, and guess what, the charges are only Ksh 500 per person.

The lake is also popular for its fresh fish and if you love indulging in white meat then Lake Naivasha has you effectively covered.

6. Lake Elementaita

One lake is enough to stir beauty in a place, two lakes in one city are simply unbeatable, and Three lakes are just what you need in one vicinity.

Located a few kilometres south of Nakuru city, Lake Elementaita offers a getaway that should be on your bucket list.

With its wide array of birds, flamingoes, ducks, and even geese, one isn’t lost on what to do and can spend the whole day watching them go about their activities.

Millions of birds flock to the site during their migration and the view of the different varieties is simply splendid.

Baboon Cliff in Lake Nakuru

The Soysambu Conservancy located a stone’s throw away from the lake offers an opportunity for game driving and watching antelopes, zebras, warthogs, the Colobus monkey, and even the rare Rothschild giraffe which is slowly becoming extinct.

Those who love riding have the opportunity to test their skills with quad bikes.

The Kikopey springs, also located near Lake Elementaita are a cheaper alternative for expensive jacuzzis when one is in need of a hot bath.

The warm springs offer a chance to indulge and relax after a long day.

The sunset view over the lake is indescribable. If you are a hopeless romantic and hold to the sentimentality that sunsets bring, then this is just the place for you.

One even gets the luxury of taking a hot air balloon over such a splendid view. It’s simply breathtaking.

If you’re hoping to take some time off from the daily hustles of life but with a cheaper alternative to expensive accommodations, the lake offers camping sites and one only needs a sleeping bag to feel at home.

7. The Merica, Sarova and Midlands Hotels

If you’re the type who doesn’t mind spending a dime, then these hotels are the perfect places to take a luxurious getaway for a few days.

Situated in the central business district of Nakuru, these hotels offer bed and breakfast and even have luxurious pools.

They give you a chance to relax and unwind after a long week of tolling hard to make a living.

The hotels are perfect for dinners with family and loved ones and offer both comfort and serenity. The dent in your pocket would be worth it, I promise.

8. The Fishpark Resort

Located on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, the Fishpark Resort offers a combination of activities at a relatively low price.

If you wouldn’t mind the adrenaline pumping through your veins, then you should definitely try zip-lining at the resort.

It’s the perfect way to unwind as you scream your lungs out going down the ropes.

As the name suggests, the resort has a fish joint that will get your taste buds watering under the know-how of the chefs.

If you do not mind indulging in different varieties of fish cooked in different styles, then this is the perfect place for you.

9. Visit The Njoro River Caves

This is an absolutely free place to access and learn how the people of the Neolithic period lived. The caves are a few kilometres from Egerton University in Njoro. If you love rolling on the grass this is a perfect spot you just have to be extra careful.

A while ago the famous Leakey couple discovered stone bowls, beads and tools. Even though the items are not there for display today, you will want to take photos of the caves and the mini waterfall down there.

10. Hike The Sleeping Warriors and Ugali Hills.

There is no Ugali (a popular meal made with shifted flour) at these hills, but after you finish your hike at the Sleeping Warriors and Ugali hills, you might need some nyama choma and ugali to rejuvenate your body.

It is a whole 19 km and if you are looking to burn some calories then this is the hike that you might be needing.

On your hike, you will encounter lots of bird species that will look pretty on your camera. If you have a guide you will be entertained with stories and myths, and you will learn of how some locals believe that the Sleeping Warrior is actually the bust of the great Maasai warrior, Oloibon.