The Best Nyama Choma Joints In Kitengela

Situated in Kajiado County, Kitengela is a rapidly growing town. Being in Nairobi’s outskirts has greatly contributed to this growth.

The area is dominated by the Maasai people, who have subtly influenced the community around with their culture. Among these is the establishment of meat joints at several points.

The Maasai are well known for their meat-eating culture, especially nyama choma, and thus various spots have been set up, giving guests a chance to relish in the coveted meal. Below is a list of popular joints to visit; 

1. Meat and Grill Restaurant

Looking for a luxurious dining experience with friendly staff and top-tier servicing? Meat and Grill, situated along the Nairobi-Namanga highway, is your go-to place.

It is located in a lovely area with breathtaking views of the vast Kajiado plains.

Meat and Grill Restaurant

Their menu features a variety of grilled meat dishes; goat meat, pork, chicken and beef, served soft, just how you like it, with a side of an accompaniment of your choice.

They have both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements and a play area for kids. Drink varieties are also available.

2. Mount View 

Nestled at the heart of Kitengela, Mount View is a popular stop for Nyama Choma lovers.

The facility is ideal for group hangouts and retreats, and a kid’s area, complete with play equipment, is available.

Indulge in their most popular dish, nyama choma, whichever you like, with salsa and ugali or fries.

Take a stroll through the vast premises, taking in the fresh crisp air and tranquillity, a far cry from the chaos of the city. Internet connection is strong so you can keep tabs on ongoings around you. 

3. Su’Cakes and Dusty Grill Bistro

If you’re in the Acacia area of Kitengela, then you need to visit this spectacular restaurant.

The decor and whole set up is nothing short of impressive, having both indoor and outdoor areas, with well-mowed grass and modern facilities.

Their chefs are highly skilled in matters of cuisine, so proceed to the grill area and enjoy their varieties.

At dusk, the terrace comes to life with hanging lights painting different shades. The indoor area is equally cosy with music to keep you entertained

4. Rixxos Lobby and Grill

This facility located opposite the Ola petrol station is a top retreating spot for most people, either on solo dates or group hangouts.

With arguably the best decor and architecture around, guests are left in awe.

Rixxos Lobby and Grill

The food is equally enticing; you need to try out their nyama choma and fries.

Watch live games as you indulge, or vibe to the music playing in the background.

Need to host a party or event? They have the grounds for that, all you need to do is make reservations before. They are open every day for 24 hours. 

5. Nerkwo Bar and Restaurant

Highly rated as having the best mbuzi choma in Kitengela, Nerkwo offers you the chance to indulge in the delicacy at a pocket-friendly price.

The hospitality from members of staff is heartwarming, seeking to make you feel at home.

Wash this down with a drink from the bar area; they have a wide collection of both local and international brands. Non alcoholic drinks are also available.

For game lovers, a gaming lounge is available complete with a pool table. 

6. Billionaires Swara Park

If you’re looking for a place to retreat to, filled with tranquillity and nothing but the ambience, Billionaires Swara Park located at the Royal Finesse has your back.

This gem offers you top-tier culinary services, with various grilled meat dishes to choose from, served alongside different accompaniments.

Group retreats would thrive here, with the spacious compounds for group activities.

A kid’s play area is also available, with various play equipment to keep them occupied, and the facility is up for hire for events and parties. 

7. Club Ole Timz Restaurant

Looking for that casual weekend vibe to help you unwind? Ole Timz would be a perfect fit for you.

Start off by indulging in their tasty mbuzi or kuku choma, served with indigenous vegetables and starch.

Follow it up with a glass of their exotic cocktails, or iced milkshake to soothe you in the hot weather.

An outdoor sitting area is available where you can marvel at the surrounding beauty.

They have ample parking spots with heightened security to take care of you.