The Best And Fun Things To Do In Kericho

Located to the West of the Rift Valley, Kericho town is the biggest town in Kericho County and is named after its first leader, Ole Kericho.

It is perched on top of a hill and is Kenya’s leading source of tea, consumed every day by the average  Kenyan.

Kericho is located about 100 km from Nakuru, that’s a two-hour drive, and is also predominantly the home to the Kalenjin community, The town has a population of roughly 750,000 people.

Kericho borders the vast Mau forest and is a stretch of green land with an ideal climate ideal for agriculture. 

Things To Do In Kericho

If you’re thinking of taking a road trip to a quiet place filled with beauty and sites to behold then look no further, I present Kericho’s finest places, ranging from historical sites to sacred places, dine-ins, and conservancies. 

Visiting The Fort Ternan Museum

This is a historic site located only 19 kilometres from Kericho town and 15 kilometres from Fort Ternan town. The place is an archaeologist’s muse and is home to some of the oldest fossils including the Kenyapithecus discovered in 1961.

If you are a history junkie, then this should be your first stop-over. They have friendly guides who will feed you all the information you need and even give you a tour around the place.

The museum not only preserves fossils but also artefacts used by early man to make his life easier, such as stone tools. 

Touring The Kapkatet Museum

The Kapkatet museum was formed in 2008 to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Nilotes found in the area and is home to various art exhibitions and cultural artefacts, primarily of the Kipsigis, who have a staunch adherence to the culture passed down to them from their forefathers.

As a symbol of respect and to ensure that specific cultural practices don’t erode over time due to the emergence of predominant factors, they use this museum as a status reminder.

You should definitely visit the place, you’ll be intrigued by how much people hold their cultural values in high esteem, especially against the backdrop of a fast-paced world, and how much they would be willing to do to preserve it. You might even borrow a leaf or two from their culture, if not one of their names. Sigh!

Chebulu conservancy

The Chebulu Conservancy borders the expansive Chebulu forest that extends as far as 21 kilometres. The conservancy belongs to the nearby community and protects the Chebulu river, where they fetch water for their homes. 

Chebulu Conservancy is also home to different species of monkeys and birds. You definitely want to listen to those birds chirp and the swish of the flowing river. Watching the monkeys hop from one tree to another is thrilling, and you can feed them if you aren’t scared of getting too close. 

The expansive land found here is ideal for picnics with family and friends and even team-building activities.

If you fancy some solitude and need some time off to rejuvenate, the spot is just perfect. A lot further are some rocks suitable for hiking, you might want to bring some comfortable shoes along. 

Chagaik arboretum and Tagaik sanctuary

The Chagaik arboretum was established in the late nineties solely to ensure that the tea plantations that Kericho is well known for are protected from invasion by people who want to reap where they didn’t so.

It’s a very spectacular site and the lush green gardens and plantations are quite a sight to behold. It even has a dam where people fetch water to irrigate the plantations.

It is quite common places to see monkeys at the park that are harmless and playful, and a wide array of birds. The site is really perfect for picnics, or just a nature trail getting lost in your thoughts, quite the break from the daily noise of urban centers. 

The Tagaik sanctuary is one of the major monkey sanctuaries in Kenya. Rescued primates that were in danger of harm are taken here and well cared for.

The guides take you through the sanctuary, explaining in detail where each monkey was sourced, and on a good day, they’d let you feed them.

When the skies are clear you can take a nature walk, look at the different tree species found there, and even bird watch. 

The Sacred Heart Cathedral

The architects of this place really did a good one. The entire structure is a site to behold. The cathedral, being the second largest in the country, is located only a few kilometres from Kericho town.

The building is 25 meters high and can seat a capacity of 1500 people. According to the community, the structure was specifically designed to suit the landscape of the surroundings.

It’s a very conspicuous building that you can’t miss, it stands out from the hills and lush green plantations.

If you’re a believer, you could make a stop and offer a prayer as you proceed on your adventure.

Van Wicker Caves and Dimbolil dams

The story behind this particular site is rather hilarious. The surrounding community doesn’t hesitate to tell the tale of a frightened colonialist when, in the wake of the fight for independence in the 1950s, dug up a hole as a safe haven since he feared for his life.

The then present community, the Nandi, were known to be brutally savage in their quest for independence and if they stumbled upon a foreigner snooping around, it would have spelled doom for the unlucky fella. He, therefore, built two underground chambers as a security measure. 

The Dimbolil dams are man-made and located on the Finlay farm. If you’re thinking of a place to go fishing, then this would be a perfect spot. 

Tea plantations and factories

Fancied by how such tiny plants can be transformed into powder to produce the finest product consumed every day by the local mwananchi, and even get exported to foreign countries? This should be your first stop.

Tea Plantations In Kericho

The plantations stretch for kilometres to no end, you could stand there gazing at the beauty and still not grasp it all.

You will definitely see workers tending to the delicate plants, you could stop and ask your burning questions about how they’re planted to how they’re harvested; they won’t think twice about giving you answers.

From the plantations, proceed to the factory to feast your eyes on the processing of the leaves, to how they are transformed into a fine powder and the packaging.

If you’re lucky enough to find good guides you might take a bag or two of tea leaves home as proof of your little expedition, and if you are a generous one you will pay for those bags offered for free. 

The Mau Forest Complex

Proudly, the Mau forest is the largest indigenous forest in East Africa. Located only eight kilometres from Kericho town, It’s one of the biggest water catchment areas in the country.

If you’re fascinated by trees and nature, you should take a walk, but not too deep for your safety. You might see a few birds atop the trees and even some primates.

It’s a spectacular place to be in, and even more perfect for a nature trail, there are guides who could help if you get lost and even explain the types of trees.

It’s a perfect combination of an educational tour and a rejuvenating walk. 

Sunshine Hotel and Kimugu River lodge

In case you think of extending your stay at Kericho for more than just a few days, accommodation should be the least of your concerns.

Kericho boasts epic hotels at very pocket-friendly prices. From as low as USD 30 a night, you can get yourself a room in three-star hotels.

The Sunshine hotel is located in Tengecha and is a five-minute drive from the Kericho law courts.

They have friendly staff, ample parking, and free Wi-Fi, you need not worry about staying abuzz with the happenings in the world. 

The Kimugu River lodge is only a fifteen-minute drive from the Moi gardens and has stunning views of the green hills beyond.

They have an outdoor terrace where you can sit and enjoy the breeze, waiting for your steak to be grilled. They have (very) friendly staff who are ever willing to assist their guests.

Furthermore, they, too, have ample parking and other amenities you may need such as laundry services and free Wi-Fi. 

An alternative to luxurious lodging facilities is Airbnb. They’ll give you the feeling of being closer to home, and what’s better, you get to do your activities just how you like them, like cooking and cleaning. Kericho has plenty of these, you just need to know where to look. 

If you would like to visit a similar town in both climate and offerings, Nanyuki on the slopes of Mt Kenya is an excellent choice.