The Best And Fun Things To Do In Eldoret

Eldoret is located to the North of the vast Rift Valley, a three-hour drive from Nakuru, and is Kenya’s fifth-largest city.

Despite the town being quite conspicuous on Kenya’s radar, it’s hardly considered a tourist attraction centre, and most people prefer other alternatives for vacations.

Eldoret to most remains a business centre, leaving a wide array of stunning views ignored.

If you’re thinking of going on a holiday for a few days or even just driving to a new town and taking a break from your monotonous routine, it’s high time you give Eldoret some premium.

Eldoret boasts beautiful scenery, lush gardens, and top-tier resorts, you’ll wish you would have made the decision earlier. 

Tea Factories and Plantations

Tea is a widely consumed beverage in the country for both the average Kenyan and the highs and mighty. You probably love it too, and if you can’t stay without a little caffeine to get you through your days, this should be your first stop.

The green plantations stretching out in acres to no end are a sight to behold. More often than not, you’ll see workers going about their business, picking the leaves as they prepare them for processing in the factories.

If you’re intrigued by how the small leaves are transformed to produce an end product so desirable, you should see the factories.

Things To Do In Eldoret

You can catch the breathtaking aroma of tea leaves from afar. At the factory, you’ll find friendly staff who’ll take you through the entire process, let you ask questions till you’re fully satisfied, and even let you take a packet or two home. Ooh, and the entrance is absolutely free. 

You can also consider visiting Kericho, another town famed for tea growing in Kenya.

The Poa Place Resort

Located along the Nairobi – Eldoret highway just close to the Kaptagat junction, the Poa Place Resort place brings out family and friends vibes.

The three-star resort is both an uncanny combination of modesty and luxury, and for only USD 64 you get to have a number of amenities at your disposal. The place is suitable for team-building activities. 

They have an outdoor pool that is cleaned every so often, you don’t have to worry about contamination.

If you’re looking to exercise, they also have quad bikes for hire, you just pay a small fee. If you tag your kids along, there’s an amusement park with plenty of amenities to distract them, you won’t worry about them being up to some mischief.

From trampolines to bouncing castles, and roller coasters, your kids will have plenty to occupy their minds. 

They even have a BBQ centre where you get to make your own meals, absolutely the way you love them.

Other bonuses of their in-house services for the guests include babysitting and laundry. All they aim for is for their guests to be fully catered for, it’s all value for money. 

The Chepkiit Waterfalls

For only Ksh. 200 for adults and Ksh. 50 for children, visit these stunning falls and watch the river Sosiani drain its water at different viewpoints.

The sounds of the rushing waters are enough to drown your thoughts as you watch the spectacular site.

The road to the falls is a bit rocky, you’ll need a steady vehicle to get you through, as well as some comfortable shoes to serve the purpose as there will be some rock climbing on the way.

However beautiful the place is, an accident could prove really fatal, so utmost care has to be taken.

Otherwise, the place is ideal for rock climbing and a little hike, and when you get to the top the view is more than worth it. 

Chororget Church Rock Viewpoint

This has to be the most stunning viewpoint of the Rift Valley.

Located in Kerio valley, about forty minutes from Eldoret town, the site is ideal for retreating with family and friends as you get awed by the sheer beauty the Rift valley has to offer.

It’s located right next to a church, hence the name ‘church rock’ The place involves a little rock climbing as well, you might want to bring suitable shoes along.

Entrance is absolutely free and while making merry, don’t forget to exercise caution, the place could be quite steep with nothing to act as barriers, and we wouldn’t want any accidents now, would we? 

Mount Elgon National Park

Looking for a place to feast your eyes on a wide variety of wildlife? This is the perfect spot. Located in Trans Nzoia, about 2 hours from Eldoret town, the national park is home to antelopes, zebras, and monkeys; you’ll see them as soon as you enter the park.

You could either choose to go on a game drive or hike at the Kitum caves, which have some volcanic rocks. The air is crisp and cool, quite the break from the choking one found in urban centers.

The guides and local community say that the cave is roughly 15 million years old, and has even served as a hideout from bandits and raiders.

At the foot of the cave, you’ll find waterfalls, and the sights are quite stunning. 

Should you wish to extend your stay, there are camping sites where you only need to carry your sleeping bag and bedding with you. The entrance fee is Ksh. 250 for adults and Ksh. 200 for children. 

Elgeyo Marakwet Training Camp.

It is often said that Eldoret is the city of champions. Most renowned athletes hail from this place, and should you wish to train with them or just watch them train, you should definitely drive up to Elgeyo Marakwet, which is about three hours from Eldoret town. 

The training camp was established by accomplished athletes who, in a touch of humanity, decided to support upcoming athletes in the area who had dreams but no means to accomplish them.

You’ll leave the place feeling all geared up for any eventualities, and it’s quite thrilling to train with them.

The weather at the place could be volatile though, you might want to carry some warm clothing with you. 

Kesses Dam and Kapsimotwa Gardens

The kesses dam is a man-made amenity, initially constructed to supply water to the nearby Moi University.

It however turned into a recreational center where one can go for a swim, boat riding and even fishing.

Riding a boat is Ksh. 100 per person, or for the full package including swimming, you pay Ksh. 2500 for the entire day. 

The Kapsimotwa gardens have to be the most stunning in the region. The grass is carefully lawn mowed, and the whole place speaks of tranquility.

It’s ideal for picnics with family and friends and even weddings. On a good day, you might even spot one or two colobus monkeys hanging from the trees.

Before getting to the gardens you have to pass by an untarmacked road, but it’s all worth it once you get there. 

The entrance fee is only Ksh. 500 per vehicle. 

Rupas Mall and Samich Resort

Heard of the phrase ‘shop till you drop?’ The Rupas mall befits that description.

The mall is located on Eldoret-Malaba road and has numerous retail stores, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Whether you’re looking for a clothing store, a hotel, or a gift shop to surprise your loved one, Rupas mall has you covered, not to mention the elegance it oozes both in and out.

In case you’re wondering about getting lost, they have friendly guards who won’t think twice about showing you the way. 

Things To Do In Eldoret

Located some 40 kilometers from Eldoret town, and 9 kilometers from Nyaru town, the Samich Resort is the perfect getaway if you don’t mind denting your pocket for some little luxury.

You know what they say about life being for the living, this is your chance to live out your fantasies in luxury.

They have an outdoor pool as well as an amusement park for the children.

Should you wish to travel by plane, they make plans for you to a tee.

The chefs here don’t disappoint, and neither does the in-house servicing.

The charges start from USD 68 a night, going up. 

The Well Irish Pub

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. After a week-long hustle trying to make ends meet, we all deserve a clean break with some playtime, and what better way to do that other than to indulge a little, let loose, and vibe to some amazing music.

The Well Irish Pub is the perfect spot for this. Well known for its pint of Guinness and the mouth-watering shepherd’s pie, you might want to try the place.

It’s located on the first floor of Saito centre, at the heart of Eldoret town. They have Irish cuisines, so if you’re a food junkie, you should savour your taste buds with their food.

On a good day, you’ll get to watch bands perform live, and you should definitely bring your dancing shoes along. 

Once you are done touring the Rift Valley, consider making your way to either Malindi or Diani to experience life on the coastal shores of Kenya.