The Best Nyama Choma Joints Along Thika Road

One of Kenya’s most coveted delicacies, Nyama Choma continues to be in high demand across the country.

The dish is simply grilled meat of either beef, chicken, pork or goat meat. Its origin is mostly from the Maasai people, who have great prowess in making the dish.

It involves grilling the meat under low/medium heat. The most popular accompaniments for the food are either ugali, mukimo(traditional Kikuyu dish), fries, and a side of kachumbari (salsa). Below is a list of the most popular Nyama Choma joints along Thika Road; 

1. Kamakis place

Easily a popular destination for many, Kamakis is undoubtedly one of the most revered Nyama Choma joints in the area.

It is strategically positioned along the route so you need not worry about getting lost, simply pack your car and indulge in the delicacy.

The place consists of several makeshift structures serving the dish, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Order any amount of the tasty delicacy and proceed to relish in the deliciousness. Order an accompaniment of your choice, and a side of salsa, with or without chilli. 

2. Homeland Inn

Located near the Garden City Mall, Homeland Inn is equally a popular stop for Nyama Choma lovers.

The location is great, with the option of outdoor sitting as you enjoy the weather and fresh air.

Homeland Inn along Thika Road

Their services are apt and quite fast, you’re guaranteed to feel impressed. Their food is savoury, and guests have the liberty to choose how they like it served; well or rarely done.

A bar area is located within, serving you drink varieties to go with the food, and with music to keep you entertained throughout.

3. CEO Joint Club and Restaurant

Situated in Githurai 44 near the railway bridge, this facility has received good reviews for its tasty nyama choma and impeccable services.

Their attention to customer’s needs and the high level of cleanliness and hygiene, make it a worthy destination.

Order their coveted nyama choma, with either ugali or mukimo with vegetables to go along.

Ever wanted to try some hot soup? This is the place to do so, it will have you craving for more.

The club area has occasional live performances, mostly from Kikuyu artists playing mugithi songs, you’ll be in for a real treat. 

4. Jambo Grill

Having been operational for several years, Jambo Grill has carved a niche for itself as a top destination for Nyama Choma along Thika Road.

Their menu is diverse with varieties to choose from, catering to all. From the typical nyama choma, to grilled pork ribs, every bite is savoury, with accompaniments like french fries, masala fries, mukimo and ugali.

Good food deserves good drinks, and with the varieties from the bar area, your experience will be thrilling. They are open daily, 7.00 a.m to 9.00 p.m

5. Nyama Choma Ranch

Located inside the elegant Safari Park Hotel In Kasarani, the Nyama Choma Ranch gives you the chance to enjoy delicious meals in a fine dining area.

The facility is simply stunning with great decor and seating arrangements, topped up with alluring lighting and calming music.

Nyama Choma Ranch Along Thika Road

Their menu features various grilled dishes; mutton, beef and chicken, served with ugali, jacket potatoes or french fries, and vegetable salad.

As you indulge, the famous cat dancers and acrobats are on standby to keep you entertained with outstanding performances. 

6. Ashaki Gardens and Grill

For an all-rounded experience of great food, high and positive energy and just good vibes, Ashaki Gardens and Grill, located next to Spur Mall in Ruiru is your go-to place.

It is a luxurious restaurant offering you the best experience. Try out the coveted delicacy of nyama choma or kuku choma, with their tasty accompaniments.

A swimming pool is located within, catering to you in the hot temperatures.

Enjoy live performances from seasoned mugithi artists seeking to keep you on your feet the whole time. The facility is open daily, for 24 hours. 

7. Kipipiri Butchery and Restaurant

Located in the Kalimoni area, this hidden gem should be on your list of go-to places for some well-done nyama choma and high-quality services.

The ambience is great, instantly putting you at ease. Their food is nothing short of impressive, with various accompaniments being offered, and a complimentary cup of soup to keep you warm.

Should you want a group retreat, this location is just perfect for group hangouts. Sports lovers are catered for with the massive screens streaming live games as you indulge.