The Best and Fun Activities To Do In Bantu Lodge

Green sceneries, calm breezes and a serene atmosphere are what define the Bantu Lodge, located in Naro Moru town, between Nyeri and Nanyuki, in the Mount Kenya region.

Visitors frequent the place, wishing to retreat momentarily from the hassle of daily life.

The facility is ideal for family and group-themed activities, so tag your team along for utmost fun.

Should you wish to stay over, accommodation is available within, offered in modern rooms overlooking Mount Kenya, quite a breathtaking sight.

Below is a list of activities to engage in while at Bantu Lodge.

1. Boat riding

If you’re geared up for some water sports, Bantu Lodge has you covered since they have a man-made dam.

Here, guests can enjoy boat riding at only Ksh. 1000 per session, and have the option of choosing an engine-powered boat or manually rowing their boat.

A guide will be assigned to take you through your boat ride. To top it up, the dam is surrounded by tall trees that further add to the beauty of the place.

In the glaring heat, you could take a dip, and experience the feeling of swimming in a dam.

2. Visit the crocodile and tortoise park

If you are an animal lover, the reptile park located within the lodge should be your first stop. The entrance fee is Ksh. 300 per head.

The park is home to tens of crocodile breeds, of all sizes and ages. It is quite fascinating watching them feeding or lazily basking in the sun.

A well-versed guard will give you information about all the crocodiles in the park.

A few meters from the area is a tortoise park, home to some of the oldest tortoises in the country.

3. Nature trailing

The Bantu Lodge is surrounded by the expansive Mount Kenya forest, making it the perfect location to go on a guided nature walk.

The sheer beauty of the surroundings, combined with the fresh crisp air is enough to steady your mind and calm your nerves.

Bantu Lodge Activities

Along the way, get to sample different plant species and beautiful flowers.

The rare colobus monkey can be found in the forest, you’ll spot it jumping among the trees.

Engage in bird-watching activities; the forest is home to over 200 bird types, both rare and common. Make stops along the way to catch breathtaking views of the nearby Mount Kenya.

4. Visit the Mau Mau Caves

For history lovers, you definitely need to visit the Mau Mau Caves. Charges are Ksh. 2500 per head.

The place bears historical significance and is where war veterans sought refuge while fighting bravely to secure the country’s independence.

A guide will take you to the caves while giving in-depth details on the same.

Within the caves are some breathtaking waterfalls, a perfect spot for resting and taking pictures.

Locals and visitors like to take swims in the chilled waters, you should try it too if you’re up for it.

You are advised to carry bottled water in case the heat becomes unbearable.

5. Canopy walk

If you’re looking to spice up your visit and add more thrill, try the canopy walk.

Here, guests walk on a bridge suspended high up; a perfect way of facing your height fears.

From up above, you’re treated to an unrivalled view of the scenery below; tall swaying trees and lush green gardens.

You can also catch a spectacular sight of the snow-capped Mount Kenya.

At dusk, you’ll be in for a real treat with the sun setting beyond the mountain, creating the most picturesque view. The charges for the canopy walk are Ksh. 200 per person.

6. Camping

Nothing steadies you better than some quality time spent in nature, with nothing filling the silence but the swooshing of trees and the occasional chirping of birds.

At this lodge, you can set camp and retreat for a few days, whether alone or with family and friends. Armed guards take patrols, prioritizing your safety.

You could light a bonfire and make stories as you warm up. For your meals, the lodge has an on-site restaurant catering to that, with different delicacies to choose from.

Bring your own gear or hire one at the lodge for a small fee. The camping charges are Ksh. 1000 per person.

7. Team building activities

If you’re looking to bond with your loved ones, Cannan and Eden park located within the lodge is the right spot for that.

The park has numerous facilities that will surely bring you together.

Charges for the team building package are Ksh. 3800 per person, inclusive of tea served with snacks, a buffet lunch accompanied by your drink of choice and a bottle of water.

A facilitator to make your activities more thrilling will be assigned to you.