The Best and Fun Things To Do In Nyeri

Set out in the highlands of the country, Nyeri is one of the most stunning places within the Mount Kenya region.

Its proximity to Mount Kenya makes it one of the top places to visit not only in the central region but the whole country.

From lush green scenery to crisp fresh air and tranquillity, the list of the numerous things you will enjoy here is endless.

If you are looking for physically engaging activities, the region has you covered in hiking expeditions. If you are looking for low-key activities that will help you relax, you can try one of the numerous nature treks within the region.

Operating on a tight budget should not stop you from visiting Nyeri since there are quite splendid places you could visit for a very affordable price.

The easiest way to get to Nyeri is via road transport; either public or private means, giving you the opportunity to sightsee along the way.

Nyeri is primarily a Bantu land, dominated by the Agikuyu, and visiting the region will give you the chance to interact with their epic culture.

Below is the list of places to visit and fun activities to engage in while at it.

Mount Kenya

The snow-capped peaks will have you stunned for starters. Mount Kenya is the highest in the country and the second highest in East Africa, which means that this should be your first stop.

From a distance you will catch a glance of the beautiful mountain, so why not go closer and have an epic view?

Things To Do in Nyeri

Hiking is the top activity at the mountain, and people travel remarkable distances to take on the challenge of scaling the mountain.

Hiking is no mean feat, but try to enjoy the whole activity and do not succumb to the pressure of getting on top. The mountain has three main peaks, Batian, Nelion and Lenana.

Mt Kenya is covered in dense forests, ideal for treks that will help you relax and wind down. Its peaks will give you amazing views of the vast central region covered in green vegetation, quite a sight to behold. 

Camping in the mountains is a wild experience that will suffice in your quest for adventure, only be sure to constantly hydrate and carry warm clothing before the temperatures freeze you up. 

Aberdares National Park

If you are looking for a place that will give you the opportunity for game viewing, then look no further.

Aberdares national park is home to every kind of animal species and is one of the leading parks in the country.

From the big five to monkeys, hyenas, gazelles and zebras, most of the wild animals known to man can be found here, so be sure to go on a game drive and have the wardens take you around to see the animals at close quarters.

Bird watching is also a top activity at the park with its hundreds of different bird species. You will get awed to see them flying in their flocks, looking for food and water.

Nature trails are plenty since the park is covered in moorland vegetation, so if you need to loosen your thoughts, do so in the beauty of nature.

Camping is allowed in the park, should you want to make your experience more adventurous, bring along your camping gear and have some wild time. Accommodation is also available in the form of cottages in case you need a place to stay for a night or two.

Chaka Ranch

This is a leisure place found in Kiganjo, the outskirts of Nyeri town, and is a perfect getaway spot for family and group activities.

Set out on an expansive piece of land, it’s the go-to place for outdoor lovers, and ideal for team-building activities. The ranch gives revellers unbeatable views of the nearby Mount Kenya and the Aberdare ranges.

The aura is filled with serenity and the happy faces of people having the time of their life.

The pool will help you cool down in case the temperatures get searing.

Quad bikes are available for hire, both for adults and kids, make sure to hire one and enjoy the experience.

Should you happen to tag your kids along, you need not worry about them getting bored or being a nuisance, since they will be fully engaged.

The water park offers swimming for children, and there is an action arena for them as well. Roller skating is also available, all for affordable prices.

The chefs at the ranch offer exceptional culinary services, from barbecues to local dishes; you will be left drooling for more.

Parking facilities are ample, security is tight, and the network connection is strong, so you can keep tabs on the surrounding happenings.

Accommodation is available in sleeping tents and luxurious cottages. Everything about this leisure park will ensure you have the time of your life. 

Treetops Lodge

The unique architecture at this lodge is the centre of attraction for most visitors.

Built in the late 1930s in the midst of so much colonial upheaval, it served as escapism for British officers.

It is made up of wooden structures that will instantly give you a romantic vibe.

Over the years, it has become a home to different wild animals such as monkeys, buffaloes, hyenas, rhinos and elephants.

Treetops lodge in Nyeri

Visitors troop in to see these animals, especially in their search for salt minerals, and get acquainted with the historical significance of the lodge.

Another major significance of the lodge is that it’s where the then Princess Elizabeth ascended to the British throne.

She was on honeymoon in one of the rooms when her father died, instantly making her the queen.

The epic sunset view from the lodge will instantly blow your mind and have you thinking of nostalgic romance moments.

Services, in general, are top tier, from their food, security, parking, Wi-Fi connection and laundry services. 

The Baden Powell museum

Located along the Nyeri-Kamakwa road, the Baden Powell museum shares the same compound with the renowned Outspan hotel.

This museum also bears historical significance.

Named after Lieutenant Robert Stephenson Smith, popularly known as Baden Powell, the man who was instrumental in the founding of the scout movement, this is where his remains were buried together with his wife’s, Olive Powell.

Scouts still visit the museum to pay their respects, so if this would be interesting to you, consider stopping by.

The guides at the museum are well versed in the history of the scout’s movement and will take you through a detailed explanation of the same.

There is also the Pax-Tu house, which served as the residence of Baden whenever he was around. It remains of great significance to date. 

Chinga Dam and Waterfalls

These scenic falls and dam are located a few meters from Othaya town. The dam is on one side, then you have to cross the road to get to the falls.

They both form a spectacular site, and listening to the rushing waters is simply therapeutic.

People visit the place either to sightsee and marvel at beauty or to engage in water activities such as swimming in the cool waters.

If you find swimming in pools to be monotonous, why not try a wilder experience such as swimming in the dam or the falls?

Rafting and boat riding is also available to help visitors navigate the waters for a small fee.

You could either choose to pedal yourself, which is more adventurous, or have one of the guides take you through.

If you have never tried fishing before, this is just the spot to start. Fishing rods are also up for hire at a small fee, then you are good to go.

The Ark Lodge

Established in the 1960s, the lodge got its name from its resemblance to an ark.

It’s a tree lodge that was designed to look like Noah’s ark and is among the superb places to visit in Nyeri.

It has four decks where visitors stand to view the surroundings and beyond.

Best and Fun Things To Do In Nyeri

The lodge is home to different kinds of animals; an elephant, rhinos and buffaloes, so going on a game drive adds to the list of to-do things at the lodge.

The services at the lodge are also top tier, with their friendly staff, 24/7 room service, tight security and ample parking facilities.

Food, made with such prowess, is only served as a buffet, which will give you the chance to eat to your fill and even do second helpings if you want.

The tranquillity and serenity is unbeatable, not to mention the sunset and sunrise views that will immediately take your breath away, so make sure to enjoy every inch of your stay while at it. 

For more adventure, you can visit Muranga which is only 65 km away from Nyeri or Nanyuki which is also a similar distance away