The Best and Fun Activities To Do At Kapsimotwa Gardens

Strategically positioned in the lush rolling Nandi Hills, the Kapsimotwa Gardens is your perfect retreating point if you fancy some privacy in the heart of nature.

The beauty of this place will surely sweep you away, from well-mowed green grass to flowers painting the gardens in different colours.

At different points in the gardens, small pools and dams are present, further adding to the allure of the place.

The most convenient way of getting to the Kapsimotwa Gardens is via road, and your drive will be nothing short of epic with the stunning views along the way. Below is a list of fun activities to engage in while there.

Go on a nature trail

Looking to wind down, rejuvenate and breathe in the fresh crisp air for a change? A trail through these vast gardens will do you justice.

Get to sample a variety of both exotic and indigenous tree species, such as the Nandi Flame and bamboo.

The forest is home to various bird types, both common and rare such as weaver birds, eagles, woodpeckers and doves, giving you the chance to engage in bird-watching activities.

Along the way, make stops to admire the nearby Nandi hills, the sight will spice up your day.

A guard will be assigned to take you through the trail, so you need not worry about security.

Sport fishing

With the various dams and ponds found in the gardens, fishing is definitely a top activity.

You’ll be given a hook and line at the facility, or you could also bring your fishing gear. Trout are common in the waters.

Kapsimotwa Gardens In Nandi

If you’re new to the sport, a guide is present to take you through. To top it up, have your catch cooked especially for you, just how you like it, but you have the option of cooking it yourself.

Visit the tea plantations

Nandi, just like Kericho is largely known to be a tea-growing area. The garden’s proximity to these tea plantations gives you the opportunity to go on a visit and sightsee.

You will learn new things about the tea harvesting and manufacturing process.

On a lucky day, the locals might give you a pack of the purest and tastiest tea leaves to try out.

You’re likely to spot workers in the plantations, so feel free to tip them for their hard work.


The chaos of daily life can wear anyone down. To regain your energy and wind down, you might need to camp in a serene area for a day or two.

Kapsimotwa Gardens offers you the right location for this if the aura and tranquillity are anything to go by.

The charges for camping are Ksh. 1000 per person, and you’re free to bring your camping gear or hire one at the facility.

Security should be the least of your worries, and the patrol guards will see to that.

You can make your own meals, or make arrangements at the onsite restaurant to have a buffet served at Ksh. 1000.

Light a campfire and warm up while enjoying the chirping of crickets.

Visit Koitalel Arap Samoei’s grave

A few meters from the garden is a site that bears historical significance and is where the late Koitalel Arap Samoei’s remains were buried.

Koitalel was a veteran that fought ardently against the white man’s regime and protected the Nandi community.

After he was murdered, his remains were buried beneath a sacred tree near the hills, and locals still frequent the place to pay their respect.

A guard will escort you to the grave, while giving you in-depth details about the veteran, from his life to the point of death.

Hold a ceremony or function

Looking to hold a ceremony or function surrounded by the cool calm breezes, swishing trees and bubbling of clear waters?

The gardens and terrace are the most ideal spot for these should you wish to hold a function of any kind, from themed birthday parties to wedding receptions and graduation ceremonies.

The facility is so popular for its ambience that guests from far away visit the place.


Nothing brings people together and builds a bond like picnicking.

At the Kapsimotwa Gardens, the set-up provides you with a suitable location for the same.

Pack your lunch and go have hearty conversations surrounded by sheer beauty. You can carry a grill and have some nyama choma as well.

The restaurant at the site also provides meals to guests, served alongside various drinks.

Afterwards, engage in games and sports such as racing and biking alongside other team-building activities, facilities for the same are found within the gardens.