Exciting Places For Team Building Activities In Sagana

About a hundred kilometres north of Nairobi, along the Nyeri-Nairobi highway lies Sagana, a town in the Kirinyaga district defined by breathtaking green scenery, fresh crisp air and a serene environment.

Corporations and companies choose Sagana for corporate retreats with the aim of giving employees a good city break, reinforcing team spirit among them, breaking work monotony and honing skills like communication and problem-solving.

If you and your team are looking for a place to retreat to, Sagana has you covered with a variety of options, below is a list of the top facilities;

1. Sagana Getaway Resort

This is arguably the most popular facility in the area, well known for its impeccable services.

Their package includes a training session held at the well-equipped conference centre, guaranteed to equip your team with important skills.

In the vast fields, engage in fun outdoor activities like tug of war, circle and ball games, climb through obstacles and do relay races to encourage teamwork.

Go on a group nature trail and engage in bird-watching activities while interacting with your coworkers.

Have a picnic in the field, or dine at the onsite restaurant and engage in hearty conversations to deepen relations.

2. Sagana Rapids Camp

For the most thrilling outdoor activities with your team surrounded by nature, the Rapids Camp along Makutano Road is your go-to place.

Their package includes fun activities and can be customized to meet your team’s objectives.

Team Building Activities In Sagana

For adrenaline junkies, the zip line caters to that. Go on a boat excursion through River Tana and try out water rafting, which fosters the spirit of togetherness among you.

Go on a group trek through the dense forest and take breaks to capture those moments on camera.

Retreat to the camp to dine, and sip drinks while playing fun games with your colleagues.

3. Savage Wilderness

True to their mantra; absolute nature, absolute adventure, Savage Wilderness is your team’s go-to place for an all-rounded experience.

Need to enhance the need for teamwork? Water rafting through the rapid waters will help you achieve that. Kayaking is also part of their water sports package.

Tour the surrounding area on a bike with your colleagues, or go hiking since the terrain is ideal for the same, and capture the moments on camera.

Cottages are available where you can put up for the night while playing indoor games with your coworkers.

4. Jangwani Camp

This gem located in Muranga will give you the ultimate outdoor experience. In the nearby river Sagana, go on a boat ride with your teammates, water rafting and for the thrill lovers, kayaking will do the trick.

In the searing heat, take a swim while playing water sports such as water ball toss.

Go on a guided nature trail in the wilderness, or bike race with your team in the field. Against a rival team, play archery and see which team scores the highest.

Camping will be the highlight of your retreat, with the feeling of sleeping under the stars being quite unbeatable.

Bring your own camping gear or pay for the luxurious sleeping tents at the facility.

5. Maya gardens

With an impeccable combination of nature and a touch of urbanity, these alluring gardens will help break work monotony by offering a tranquil environment.

In the spacious field, engage in outdoor activities such as soccer, tug of war and scavenger hunting.

In their well-equipped conference centre, engage in interactive training sessions with your team or play board games to sharpen problem-solving skills.

Dine in the alluring gardens while getting to know your workmates better.

6. Havila Resort

Bordering the River Tana, Havila Resort offers your team the chance to bond with each other, surrounded by nothing but nature.

Engage in fun team water sports such as swimming, boat riding, kayaking and water rafting.

Bike race in the vast field with your colleagues, try archery, play ball and circle games, or go on a nature trek with your team and get lost in the beauty of nature.

Set camp on the river banks, and fall asleep staring at the skies, or engage in conversations with your colleagues and get to know them better.

7. Sun Citi Resort

Located at the heart of Sagana, enjoy top-tier services and modern amenities while achieving your team-building objectives.

Go through fun and interactive training sessions to hone different skills in your team.

For a wide range of outdoor activities, the spacious field will cater to that, so feel free to bring play equipment like balls and ropes.

Play water sports in the pool like friendly swimming competitions. Go on a guided group trek to interact with nature and engage in bird watching.

Have a picnic on the lawn, or dine at the restaurant while conversing with your colleagues.