The Best And Fun Things To Do In Muranga

Muranga is a county located in central Kenya, and predominantly a land occupied by the Kikuyu community. The original name is Mbiri, then later renamed Fort Hall, all proof of the colonialism that was centred on the area.

Muranga’s location ensures that it receives adequate rains, hence the whole area is covered by lush green vegetation that forms quite a beautiful sight.

So to say, vacations don’t always have to be spent in exotic places with luxurious resorts; it could simply be that hike with family and friends, or the crisp breath of fresh air, a clean break from the daily hassles of a busy town.

Muranga offers you such places at very cost-friendly prices, you’ll be thrilled at every place you visit. 

Visiting The Mathioya River

We all want to indulge in some dangerous activity at some point, something to spike our adrenaline or just be out of our element sometimes.

Located in Mathioya constituency, the Mathioya River has one of the volatile currents that make it perfect for some adventure, be it swimming, rafting or kayaking.

Things To Do in Muranga

Cruising the river is all that makes it thrilling since it’s an uphill task. If you are a beginner, you might want to include an experienced guide in your expeditions, since an accident occurring could prove really fatal.

You don’t have to indulge in any activity however if you are a faint heart, you could just enjoy the view, watching the currents pass by and simply marvel at the beauty of it all, the surrounding green scenery and the tranquillity of the place, the only noise you drown in is the sounds of swirling currents. 

Stopping By The Kimakia Fishing Grounds

Everyone loves a good meal, and fish is simply that, a good meal. Once you’re in Muranga, every local will recommend that you try the Kimakia fishing grounds.

It’s simply the perfect fishing grounds, and with high stakes of catching some fresh fish, straight out of the clean waters.

The fishing grounds are found in Kimakia forest, which is a set-apart conservation area of the Aberdare national park. It’s not only known within Muranga but the entire central region.

They have fishing rods for hire, and you can either choose to do it on your own or have the guards do it for you, since they are experienced and have the skills to catch the biggest fish, whether tilapia or nile perch.

You even have the luxury of watching your meal cooked, just how you want it, wet or dry with a wide array of accompaniments, you’ll be lost for choice. 

Visiting The Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga Shrine

This divine place is where the history of the Agikuyu began, or simply put, it’s the kikuyu’s ‘Garden of Eden.’

It’s the origin of the Kikuyu tribe and is said to be the first place where Gikuyu and Mumbi, his wife, met.

They sired nine daughters who continued to marry and sire more children, forming the largest tribe in the country.

The grounds are considered very holy and there’s a Mugumo tree, the sacred fig.

If all of the above fall under your element, you might want to visit the Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga Shrine and send a small prayer that could go a long way; or you could just immerse yourself in the history of the place.

The site is well cared for and every so often locals and visitors troop in the special place.

Should you wish to get details of the history of the shrine, the guards will not disappoint. 

Karia Ka Mbari ya Ngware

The rich history of the Agikuyu doesn’t end at the Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga Shrine, but is redefined here.

Loosely translated to mean ‘that of the tribe of the francolin bird,’ Karia Ka Mbare ya Ngware site contains artefacts that tell about the Agikuyu culture, from female ornaments to male traditional garments, the list is endless.

It’s fascinating to learn how different attire was worn on different occasions, and how each signified something specially different from the other.

The Agikuyu elders constantly visit the place to ensure continuity of a fast eroding culture fuelled by the ever-increasing influences from different parts of the country, and the world at large.

Sacrifices to appease ancestors are offered and prayers too are made.

You’ll be especially intrigued by how well-preserved the place is, having stood the test of time. 

Touring The Tuthu Catholic Mausoleum

This is one of the oldest churches not only in Muranga but in the country as well. Set up in the early 1900s by Catholic missionaries, the church continues to be a place of worship for the locals.

It is also home to Chief Karuri wa Gakure’s remains. The man was a paramount chief in the colonial era and continues to be a well-respected figure in the region, even in his demise his legacy has continued to live on.

You could either make a stopover at the place for religious purposes, saying a prayer to who you believe in and get in touch with your inner self, or do it for historical purposes and get acquainted with the history of the place and how it came to be.

The church is also very strategically located, it’s easy to catch the picturesque view of the vast green land of Muranga county. 

Stopping By Muchiri’s Resort

This haven is the ideal getaway if you’re thinking of a picnic with family and friends or team building activities.

The resort, located a few kilometres off the Gatanga-Ndakaini road, is spacious and gives a luxurious vibe from the moment you enter.

You will spend quality time with your loved ones bonding over a quiet meal, enjoying the sheer tranquillity and the chirping of birds.

Muchiris Resort In Muranga

There’s a nature trail located within Muchiri’s Resort, making it an ideal place to take one of those walks that make you lose your thoughts in the beauty of the countryside and for once forget the ups and downs of everyday life.

Accommodation should be the least of your worries since camping is allowed at the place, just bring along a sleeping bag and some bedding, and you’re good to go.

Security is ample in case you’re worried about that too. All you have to do at Muchiri’s resort is to let loose. 

Visiting The Aberdare Cottages

If you’re feeling the adventure vibe then the Aberdare cottages are the ideal spot for you. These are one of the finest destinations Muranga will offer, strategically located to give visitors a stunning view of the entire Muranga region.

Not only do they have mountain bikes for hire at a small fee, but you can also engage in some fishing activities.

There’s a nature trail where you can go bike racing with a friend, enjoying the crisp air and gazing at the green vegetation.

There’s an artificial dam where you can engage in water activities such as boat riding, rafting and fishing.

The fun doesn’t end there, as the chefs here don’t disappoint. The best local cuisines will have you savouring your taste buds.

Accommodation is granted as well, and the cottages are something to contend with, offering complete comfort and luxury, so to speak all your needs will be catered for to your satisfaction. 

The Ndakaini Dam

Located in Gatanga constituency, this water reservoir supplies water to the whole of Nairobi and its environs.

It has about 70 million cubic meters of water and forms quite the scene to watch, with the waters rushing by.

With the aim being to conserve the environment, the dam has accomplished this goal by ensuring that residents don’t go without water.

It’s also worth noting that the Ndakaini half-marathon was introduced in 2004 to support local talent and upcoming athletes. 

The Sagana Getaway Resort

For a price that is definitely on the higher side, brace yourself for pomp and luxury at this resort located in the leafy suburbs of Makuyu.

Everything will however be value for money, you won’t have the slightest complaint about their services and amenities.

The accommodation facilities at Sagana Getaway Resort are top tier, with the classification being family suites, deluxe rooms, superior rooms and executive suites, all at varying prices, you just have to make your choice.

Sagana Resort In Muranga

They have an outdoor pool so if the sun gets too overbearing all you have to do is take a dip.

If you’re the type that loves to indulge in different new cuisines, then their on-site restaurant will have you intrigued by the sheer prowess of both the local and international cuisines. 

You can never go wrong with a few drinks, and the bar has you covered in that.

Should you wish to bring your children along they will be well catered for by the amenity park found at the resort with swings, slides and trampolines to burn off some of that energy. 

At the end of it all, you might want to consider paying a visit to Nanyuki, another town found on the slopes of Mt Kenya, or head over to Naivasha or Nakuru for an opportunity to see some beautiful lakes at the floor of the Rift Valley.