Best Places For Team Building Activities In Nakuru

Sitting at the heart of the Rift Valley is Nakuru, Kenya’s third-largest town and recently upgraded to a city.

Due to the rapid growth surrounding it, companies and corporations have been set up, and with it, creating the need for team-building activities to enhance proficiency at work and improve production.

Whether your team is based in Nakuru or beyond, feel free to visit the city for a corporate retreat and bond with your colleagues.

Below is a list of the top venues in the Nakuru, suitable for team building activities;

1. Lord Egerton Castle

Located in Nakuru’s outskirts, this renowned facility in Njoro offers your team exactly what you need to achieve your objectives.

Outdoor activities would surely thrive here, seeing that the facility has an expansive, well-mowed field, perfect for sports like ball games, circle games, races, human knotting and more.

While enjoying the fresh, crisp air and tranquillity, have a picnic lunch with your workmates.

Have a guided tour through the vast premises, learning about the history of the place, and thereafter, camp in the heart of nature, giving you the chance to bond with your coworkers.

2. Sarova Woodlands Hotel

Enhancing team spirit while prioritizing your welfare, is what this executive facility, located in Milimani seeks to do, giving you the experience of a lifetime with your workmates.

At the conference centre, take part in rigorous training sessions to equip your team with essential skills.

Go on a game drive to Lake Nakuru National Park and strengthen relations among you while marvelling at nature.

Engage in a wide range of bonding activities like outdoor games such as pool games or races across the field.

At dusk, light a bonfire and engage in hearty conversations while sipping your sundowner.

3. Fishpark resort

Located off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, this hidden gem boasts several amenities that will help your team bond over outdoor activities.

Go on a boat excursion across the dam, while engaging in fishing expeditions with your workmates, then top this up with cooking activities.

For adrenaline lovers, the zip line will give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Engage in relay races, play ball games against a rival team and jump through hurdles; all of which will foster team spirit among you.

While savouring different local dishes, grab the chance to get to know your colleagues better.

4. Lake Nakuru Lodge

Nothing breaks monotony like time spent at the heart of nature, away from the noise and chaos of daily life.

Lake Nakuru Lodge seeks to spice up your team-building experience and help you focus on improving relations with your colleagues.

Things To Do In Nakuru

Go on a team game drive through the vast Nakuru national park and thereafter, have a bush dinner, breakfast or lunch, surrounded by fresh air.

At the pool, play friendly games while basking in the sun.

Retreat to the lounge to enjoy drinks and play board games or simply dance to music.

5. Ole-Ken Hotel

This four-star hotel at the heart of Nakuru city offers you the chance to experience grandeur and luxury all in one place while helping you achieve your team-building objectives.

Hire trainers well-versed with the knowledge to take you through fun training sessions. Part of their package includes a drive to Menengai Crater, giving you the chance for a group hike and taking photos to stock up on the memories.

Indoor games are a good way to sharpen problem-solving skills, so why not try board games, trivia and charades in their facilities?

6. Serena Camp

At this highly and well-reviewed facility, enjoy an all-rounded experience, from thrilling activities that will enhance the bond among your colleagues, to training sessions that will equip you with relevant skills.

Go on a boat excursion to Lake Elementaita and marvel at the flamingos.

Play team games such as scavenger hunting, races, and singing games on the well-mowed lawns.

Set camp by the lakeside, and light bonfires at night while engaging in interactive sessions with your workmates.

7. Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort

Whether you’re looking to onboard new employees or strengthen relations among present ones, achieve your objectives at this facility located off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Play indoor games and engage in training sessions at the conference centre.

Visit Lake Nakuru alongside your workmates, and dine at the heart of nature while enjoying conversations.

Top this up by setting camp near the lake, falling asleep and staring at the skies.

The lawns are ideal for picnics, giving you the chance to bond with your coworkers.