The Best Clubs and Lounges In Nakuru

Nakuru city, popularly known as Naxvegas is found on the floor of the Great Rift Valley, and with the tourist magnet Lake Nakuru next to it, it is no surprise that the city has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past decade.

Clubs and lounges have not been left behind, a testament to the ‘Naxvegas’ moniker. Here is a list of the best ones to visit when you are in town;

1. Platinum 7D Lounge

Platinum 7D Lounge offers the best entertainment in Nakuru city.

It is a few metres from the heart of the city, but it is the best catch.

Platinum 7D Lounge in Nakuru

It has people from all over the country, even some from Nairobi, coming for the great music and drinks.

The food is a little bit expensive but worth every coin.

It is also easily accessible to people travelling via public means. If you are looking for that crazy wild night then you will get all that here.

2. Chili’s

This is one of the newest clubs in Nakuru. It has nice décor that makes the indoors have that outdoor garden vibe.

It is always fully packed and has some nice live band music.

It is usually graced by celebrities from all over and seasoned DJs.

Chili’s has a wide range of drinks to choose from. It offers cocktails and a dining area with tasty food.

3. XCape Grill & Lounge.

Xcape Grill & Lounge is on the outskirts of the city around Naka Estate.

It is well known as a venue that creates memorable experiences for the guests.

There is grilled meat that you might want to try before you can even start drinking.

The club has a great dancing space and amazing music that makes it hard to stop till morning.

4. Culture Mambo Lounge.

This has arguably the best interior décor in the city. Once you go to Culture Mambo, you will immediately be a regular.

Culture Mambo in Nakuru

Everything is so polished and this is where you refine your taste.

It has a high reputation for great music and pulls out a very energetic crowd.

It has a high ceiling with beautiful lights that makes it unique.

5. Moca Loca

Moca Loca is located along Kenyatta Avenue next to Gillanis Supermarket.

This makes it easily accessible to everyone who is in the city. You are guaranteed wonderful entertainment and good food.

It has space for people who want to hold private meetings and hence caters for all kinds of people.

It has special treats for each day of the week and has a live band on Saturdays.

This is the place you want to meet an old colleague for drinks or to catch up.

6. Club Dimples.

It is at the heart of Nakuru and has maintained its record for being able to provide its customers with excellent services.

Club Dimples has a very cool atmosphere and accommodates people of different ages.

It has been probably the most popular club for a very long time and people flock in to have the amazing experience of music from local musicians and seasoned DJs.

They have accommodation so you do not have to worry about going back home after parting all night long.

7. Taidy’s

If you are looking for the most chilled place in the city, you probably need to check out Taidy’s.

The music is moderate, making it easier for someone to enjoy a conversation, food and drinks with a friend.

It has the most modern designs and has a space for sports lovers. There are plenty of reasons to check it out, including clean washrooms as well.

Therefore, people who are looking for the most modern place to chill in Nakuru should head to Taidy’s.

8. The Leather Bar

It is inside Sarova woodlands, and it is a place where people who like to be associated with class stream in.

It is wildly famous for its single malt or cognac. People who want to try out the best cocktails have to be at The Leather Bar to get the full experience.

This is not a place where you can have wild music or crazy parties. However, if you want to just have a drink and enjoy the ambience, this is where you should spend your night at.

9. San Chic Bar.

If you are interested in a place to get an unforgettable night, you are encouraged to visit San Chic Bar.

You will get a rewarding experience for your money. They have a spacious parking area and a variety of food and drinks to choose from.

You are guaranteed to have an immersive experience with music and lots of dancing.

If you are looking for a place to do your parties with friends, San Chic Bar is the place to -go to.