The Best Places For Team Building Activities In Kenya

Day in and day out, companies are being established all over the country, and this growth creates the need for occasional corporate retreats.

These days, outings with colleagues serve the purpose of reinforcing team spirit and boosting the morale of employees, as well as breaking work monotony.

Team building activities are not only fun but educational, seeing that different skills can be learned in the process.

Kenya is home to various team-building venues, and in case you are spoilt for choice, here is a list of the top venues to visit.

1. Nkasiri Adventure Park

Time spent at this facility located in Kitengela, Kajiado is guaranteed to be thrilling and nothing short of adventurous.

In the spacious fields, play outdoor sports such as ball games, creative thinking challenges, races and more.

Scale through obstacles and jump through huddles with your workmates. Go zip lining and experience the thrill of adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Go on a guided nature trek through the forests or bike race with your workmates. Hold a picnic in the well-mowed grass while engaging in conversations, or choose to dine at the onsite restaurant.

For indoor activities, a gaming area is available where you can play darts or board games.

2. Karura Forest

Located in Ruaka, Nairobi’s outskirts, nothing screams group activities like a day spent at Karura, giving you the perfect way of bonding with your coworkers.

Scavenger hunting is a good way to not only bring people together but sharpen your problem-solving skills. You can form groups and try looking for a specific item together.

Go on a group nature trail in the expansive forest, and you can make stops in between to catch up.

With the spacious fields, engage in activities like paintballing or bike races.

The serene environment is ideal for therapeutic conversations to enhance communication, as well as games like trivia and charades.

3. Sagana Rapids Camp

For the most thrilling outdoor activities with your team surrounded by nature, the Rapids Camp along Makutano Road in Sagana, Kirinyaga County is your go-to place.

Their package includes fun activities and can be customized to meet your team’s objectives.

Team Building Activities In Sagana

For adrenaline junkies, the zipline caters to that. Go on a boat excursion through river Tana and try out water rafting, which fosters the spirit of togetherness among you.

Go on a group trek through the dense forest and take breaks to capture those moments on camera.

Retreat to the camp to dine, and sip drinks while playing fun games with your colleagues.

4. Brackenhurst Conference and Retreat center

Located in Tigoni, Limuru, Brackenhurst is a modern four-star facility that will do more than meet your team’s objectives for team building.

From expansive lawns and lush gardens to spacious fields right at the heart of nature, engage in different activities to hone different skills.

A basketball court is available, and so is a golf area and a football field where you can partake in those games to enhance team spirit.

Bikes are available for hire for your colleagues to engage in races.

At night, watch the lawn come to life with the most enticing lighting, where you can sit and engage in conversations with your coworkers.

5. Lerruat Log Resort

Well-reviewed for its exemplary services, the Lerruat Log Resort, located at Kumpa in Kajiado offers you the best facility for a team-building retreat.

At the spacious conference centre, go through a training session to help improve productivity and performance at your workplace.

The Best and fun team building activities in Kenya

In the fields overlooking the spectacular Kajiado town, engage in different games such as scavenger hunts, ball games and races.

Go on a group nature trail while engaging in conversations to get to know your colleagues better.

At dusk, when the weather gets breezy, sit by the fireplace to warm up, as you sip your drink and play trivia or board games.

6. Sarova Whitesands Hotel

Nothing offers a good break like time spent at the beach. This executive hotel at the shores of Mombasa is quite intimate and has a private beach, giving you quality time with your colleagues without much interruption.

Several outdoor activities can be undertaken on the beach, such as scavenger hunting, where you and your team have to work together to look for certain items hidden in the sand. Others include beach volleyball and relay races.

The hotel has an intimate indoor area where you can play indoor games like board games and trivia questions while having conversations.

7. Lake Naivasha Resort

Located at the heart of Naivasha town, the facility is well known for its state-of-the-art facilities, grandeur and hospitable staff, giving your team a pleasant experience.

Trainers to equip you with different skills to suit your area of work are available, guaranteed to offer the best services.

Team Building Activities in Naivasha

Facilitators are also available to guide you through outdoor activities.

In the expansive resort, engage in games to boost team effort such as tug of war and relay races.

At the swimming pool, toss a water ball among your colleagues or engage in different water sports.

The gardens are ideal for sit-down conversations to enhance communication among you.

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