The Best Clubs and Lounges in Kitengela

Kitengela is a fast-growing town in Kajiado County and is just 30 km from Nairobi.

The town is famous for nyama choma and is a beehive of entertainment activities.

Kitengela has reached new heights and provides one of the best nightlife experiences outside Nairobi.

Whether you want to dance or drink your night away, Kitengela clubs and lounges have you covered. Here are the best ones;

1. Halcyon Lounge and Grill

This lounge provides the best services in the town. It is friendly to customers and it has 24-hour security.

It has hosted a whole range of celebrities hanging here to make appearances or just to enjoy their evenings.

Halcyon Lounge and Grill in Kitengela

They have some nice d├ęcor and nice seats.

Halcyon has the best nyama choma in town and a variety of drinks to choose from.

It works 24 hours and has a nice parking space. Partying never ends here.

2. Pavilion XV Kitengela

Pavilion XV has the best space to attract massive crowds. It is the best place to have the groupie parties. It has an energetic and exciting experience.

The decks have the best DJs in town and you will be sure to carry your dancing shoes.

It has a variety of liquor to choose from, and they serve their grilled meat with ugali and some light snacks.

It is along Namanga Road, so it becomes very difficult to miss.

If you want to get away from the large crowds, they have a VIP section that serves you.

3. Club 034 Kitengela

It is famous for having an old aeroplane turned into a club.

It is divided into different sections, but all you get is that flight atmosphere in each section.

Club 034 Kitengela

There is an economy section and first class, and they have the VVIP section being the cockpit.

The customer service is top-notch and they have a red carpet to welcome guests.

It offers African meals such as Ugali and the bests salads. They have a range of drinks and the best wine the town has to offer.

4. Baileys Club

If you are on the highway and you need to stop over, this is the club you are looking for.

It has a very clean atmosphere and very fast customer service.

If you are looking to spend the night it has the best mash-up of afro-beats, R&B and great Hip Hops.

It has various liquors and a whole lot of expensive drinks to choose from.

5. Club D Kitengela

This is the club that attracts the largest crowds. If you are along Namanga Road, you will have to try Club D.

Enjoying a beer while waiting for your grilled meat to be ready is the way you start your night.

As you are served your meat, the music played makes you wake up and start dancing.

My bet is that you will only sit to drink a few drinks and then dance again all night long.

You will not have to worry too much about security as there have the highest security measure put in place.

6. Club 360 Kitengela

This is the only club with the best offers for different holidays.

It is the best place to take a romantic lover for a clubbing date.

They offer various meals such as nyama choma and snacks such as sambusa and samosas.

They have beer such as White Cap and Tusker and a lot of whiskey and Gin to choose from. Furthermore, they have a live band playing all night long.

They also have nice outdoor scenery.

7. Bistro Lounge

Bistro Lounge has very beautiful scenery that suits every customer’s interests.

If you are looking to make new friends at the club, they have a large space where you can interact with new people.

They offer a private space if you are there with a friend for a private conversation, or if you want privacy while parting.

It is located just a few metres from Club 360.

They have live bands and local performing artists.

The customer service is warm and fast. The nyama choma is from goat meat, well spiced. They offer whiskey and all types of beer.

This is a place you want to celebrate a birthday or a promotion at.

8. The Interlop Bar

Customers who enjoy personalized services and private partying are welcome to try the Interlop Bar.

It has the most reasonable prices around Kitengela.

It serves chicken, nyama choma and kachumbari to go with that.

They offer drinks including non-alcoholic beverages.

They operate 24 hours and have a nice space to dance when the music is on.

9. The Club Backyard

As the name suggests, you will be having drinks in an open area. They have additional seats with tents in the area too.

While you enjoy the fresh air, you can dance to the slow music that gets louder as the night gets by.

It has clean washrooms and a dining area. It has a great atmosphere and good and delightful bartender services.

They include beer, spirits, wine and even non-alcoholic beverages.

Kitengela has the best serene environment and offers an electric nightlife. It becomes a home to those looking to enjoy themselves while eating the famous nyama choma.

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