The Best Clubs and Lounges In Mombasa

When Mombasa City is mentioned, everyone knows it is party time.

The coastal city has a myriad of massive clubs to lounges along the beach.

The clubs and lounges are set to suit the wide number of visitors and residents looking for fun.

Then there is the question of where to find the best clubs where you will party all night.

Below is a round-up of the best clubs and lounges in Mombasa;

1. Tapas Cielo

If it is high-end entertainment you seek, you are going to find it at Tapas Cielo.

It is known to flock with visitors dropping by at any time of the day or season. Celebrities grace the club.

It has a beautiful LED-lit dancing floor and a warm atmosphere.

They have the best wine in the city as well as a variety of drinks to choose from.

2. Zero 4 Sports Lounge

When you are in Mombasa and you want to party hard, Zero 4 Sports Lounge is the place for you.

They only offer light snacks and all kinds of drinks. Beer is very popular here, especially on Sundays.

The lounge is best known for good parties, graced by musicians from across the country. The music here never stops.

3. Moonshine Beach Bar.

If you are looking for a club to party while enjoying the beach vibes, Moonshine Beach Bar is the place for you to go.

Their customer service is top, and you will always go back. It is legendary for its great music and food.

They make cocktails to start off your afternoon as you wait for your meal.

It is best for your dress code to suit the coastal vibe and the palm trees around the lounge.

4. Pirates Beach Bar.

Pirates Beach Bar has a nice beach view and a few Gothic décors.

You have to carry your dancing sandals as there is so much space for dancing.

The Best Clubs and Lounges In Mombasa

The best part is this might be the spot you find cheaper drinks.

The crowds are large, so it is a fine place to socialize.

The Ocean makes it look so cool, and you might want to take a few pictures.

5. Florida Night Club and Casino

This is a well-known club that attracts people from across the world. The club has a spot for food and a reliable choice of music to ensure that the crowd is thoroughly taken care of.

You might want to listen to Kenny Roger’s song, The Gambler, for luck, as Florida Night Club has a good spot for gamblers.

When in Mombasa and you are looking to interact with a very diverse crowd you will have to drop at the Florida Night Club.

6. Anuba

At Anuba the secret is arriving early, so you do not miss a table. It is always flocked and crowds pull up to enjoy the great elegance and beautiful furniture.

The Anuba Club is good at mixing music from different places to suit international and local crowds.

Anuba is visited by the wealthy and if you are looking for a wealthy experience in Mombasa this is the place to drop by.

7. Mint Lounge

Mint Lounge is in Bamburi and is loved for its warm reception. It is thriving, and it gets pretty busy as the night starts.

By 11 pm, the place is packed by sports lovers who enjoy watching their matches on screens all over the club.

The lounge has live bands performing local and international music. You do not want to miss the drinks here.

8. Casablanca Club

Casablanca Club is where parting happens without stopping. The massive crowds pull up here for unlimited clubbing.

There is a large dancing space to suit every dance move. The music is often deep and loud to keep the party doing.

I am not sure if it is the food, music, the happy friendly crowd or the drinks that will make you stay the night, but I am sure you will stay till dawn.

9. Club Hypnotica

Club Hypnotica has the best offers in the city. They normally have a wide range of discounts on their drinks.

It is a chilled and very sweet reception. They always have great music lined up and they offer interesting celebrity appearances.

The atmosphere makes you feel safe to party all night long. The only option you have is to go home in the morning after you are unable to party no more.

A night spent in Mombasa fades away so fast, but the fun one has never fades.

Most of the coastal clubs are what one needs to take away the weeks or the year’s pressure, depending on how often you visit Mombasa.

For a more laid-back experience, why not check the following places in Mombasa which you can visit free of charge?