The Best and Fun Things To Do In Nyali

If you have the mind to retreat to a laid-back place for a holiday, experience magical moments with family and friends, get value for every coin you spend and leave the place feeling rejuvenated, try holidaying in Nyali.

Set out like a jewel at the heart of Mombasa, and barely 10 km from Bamburi, Nyali is quite hard to miss with all the splendour it has to offer, but laid back all the same so that you need not worry about overcrowding.

You can get to Nyali via a number of means; air transport by using the Mombasa International airport, the Standard Gauge Railway and get off at the Mombasa terminus or road transport, whether public or private means especially if you fancy a good road trip and sightseeing along the way.

Its proximity to Mombasa makes Nyali a cosmopolitan. The area is home to different tribes and even foreign expatriates but is largely dominated by the Swahili culture that has maintained its presence despite urbanization.

With this you get to learn about cultural diversity in different tribes, and you might even borrow a thing or two. Below is a list of places to visit in Nyali and the respective activities to engage in.

Nyali Beach

Whether during high or low tides, this pristine beach is your go-to place if you are looking for the ultimate beach experience.

The white sand and the scenic views are simply breathtaking, enough to calm even the most raging minds.

Nyali Beach In Mombasa

The first and most definite thing to do here is swim. Take a dip in the blue waters, and guides are readily available if you are a beginner.

There are child-friendly spots for swimming too, and swimming gear such as floaters to ensure your child’s safety.

Thereafter, soak in the rays of the sun and get that tan that you so desire by basking in the sand, and cooling down by sipping your ice-cold drink.

Take a lazy evening stroll when the sun isn’t hot on your head and interact with different people, mostly hawkers selling their traditional wares such as baskets, and ornaments; you could take one with you as a status reminder.

Interact with locals at the numerous bars located by the beach. They are fully stocked with both conventional and traditional drinks such as palm wine, should you wish to indulge.

Thereafter, enjoy epic sunset views as you sip your sundowner, instantly giving you some romantic vibes.

You could put up at one of the numerous hotels offering accommodation facilities, and wake up to nothing but the sounds of rushing waves and the saline smell of the sea.

Haller Park

If you are looking to interact with varied species of flora and fauna, then you need to stop by this place.

The cheapest way to get there is by TukTuk, since the park is close to Nyali town.

Seeing animals up close is simply exhilarating, so make sure to have the wardens take you on a game drive where you see buffaloes, hippos, monkeys and antelopes. Age-old tortoises are also found here, as well as turtles.

Giraffe feeding is something you definitely need to engage in, although this is done under close supervision.

There is a reptile park with lots of alligators that are both stunning and menacing, and you can feed them as well.

You need to visit the butterfly pavilion with different types of butterflies, different sizes and colours; the perfect definition of beauty.

Go on a nature trail at the park, sample different types of plants and trees, engage in bird-watching activities and get lost in the green beauty of nature.

The picturesque view is exactly what you need to take stunning photos, so be sure to bring a good camera with you and stock up on those memories.

Being at the park is simply the best way to enjoy nature at its peak.

Fort Jesus Museum

Located along Nkrumah road, this is your go-to place if you are a history fanatic looking to learn more about the activities that took place on the Coast from as far back as the fourteenth century.

It is a site for military fortification, telling tales of waging battles between the Sultan and the Portuguese.

After it fell under the British, it was converted into a prison and a house for slaves.

The place opens daily at 8.00 a.m and is well cared for by multilingual guards who are well versed in history and will take you through a detailed account of the place, take you on a tour showing you the rooms and the activities that took place there.

The facility also doubles up as a museum where different historical artefacts are stored, such as weaponry and different crafts.

The historical landmark is well-preserved despite its age and is recognized as a World Heritage Center.

The charges for entry vary depending on the area of residence and age, ranging from about 2 to 12 USD.

Bombolulu Workshop and Cultural Center

This is a sustainable community project that was created with the aim of helping the less privileged.

The project sought to empower physically handicapped individuals by providing them with education, adequate housing and resources to cushion their daily needs.

They make handicrafts such as jewellery and baskets, then sell them to the locals and even export them.

The proceeds then go towards developing the facility and pushing towards supporting more people.

It is the perfect definition of humanity, so be generous enough to buy their wares and even tip them.

Occasionally, cultural shows are held and this will give you the chance to have a glimpse at the Swahili culture.

Learn traditional songs and at what events they are sung, and get awed by the traditional dressing regalia for both men and women.

The best part is indulging in their traditionally cooked delicacies, and the Swahilis are well known for their exemplary culinary skills.

Sample dishes of biryani, pilau, and delicacies cooked in coconut milk, and indulge in different drinks such as palm wine and ‘madafu’ a drink extracted from premature coconuts.

It is simply the most epic show of culture to be seen.

Maasai Market

Maasai Market is the perfect stop for shopaholics and those who like to sample new things.

It is the biggest market in the area that specializes in selling different cultural wares.

Every kind of artefact can be found here, from wood carvings that would do justice in glamming up your house, to traditional hats made out of reeds and papyrus, baskets and traditional clothing such as deeras for women and kanzus for the men.

Different stunning paintings can also be found here and would make the perfect wall hangings.

This is the place to visit if you are looking for ideal souvenirs to take home.

Mamba Village

Mamba Village found within Nyali is the biggest reptile park in East Africa.

It is home to hundreds of different crocodile and alligator breeds that come in different sizes.

People come from all over to learn about the life cycle and even engage in feeding activities.

Afterwards, tour the facility on horseback and have that adrenaline pumping in you.

A botanical garden with different plant and flower species is located within, where you can sit, have a chat with friends or simply enjoy the cool breeze and lush green scenery.

Sarova Whitesand Beach Resort

Treat yourself to top-tier services by putting up in this state-of-the-art facility. The luxury, pomp and splendour is simply to die for, and will instantly give you the home away from home kind of feeling.

Accommodation is offered in either queen’s room, king’s room or twin rooms, all overlooking a spectacular pool, so you have scenic views to wake up to.

Nyali beach in Kenya

The rooms range from about USD 190 to USD 220 a night, inclusive of breakfast.

Get physically active by swimming in the pool, especially with the hot temperatures, and bask in the sun, soaking in the rays; you will need lots of sunscreen for this.

Enjoy services from hospitable staff such as 24/7 room service that comes in handy in times of emergency.

Indulge in different delicacies, both local and international cuisines, made by the best and most skilled hands.

Enjoy lavish cocktails at the Cocos beach bar where you sip your iced drink, staring at the blue waters and getting lost in thought as you enjoy the breezy air.

The check-in and check-out times are 2.00 p.m and 10.00 a.m respectively. Enjoy a strong internet connection, so you get to keep tabs on daily happenings, tight security and ample parking facilities.