The Best and Fun Things To Do In Limuru

Set out like a jewel at the heart of Kiambu county lies this beautiful place painted lush green by the scenic environment. The cascading hills and fresh crisp air is enough to spice up anyone’s day.

If you are feeling adventurous too, visit the place for exciting and thrilling activities, all at cost friendly prices. The only way to get to Limuru is via road transport, giving you the opportunity for a spectacular road trip as you get awed by the green views along the way.

If you are a lover of nature, this is your go-to place as well. Dominated by the Kikuyu culture, being in Limuru gives you the chance to interact with in-depth culture and learn about their way of life.

Below is the list of places to visit and the respective activities to engage in when in Limuru.

Great Rift Valley Viewpoint

This is a geographical landmark not only in Kiambu, but the whole country and beyond as well.

Located about seven kilometres from Limuru town, and around 50 kilometres from Naivasha town, the Rift Valley Viewpoint has one of the most intriguing and spectacular panoramic views of the Rift Valley.

The Grand Canyon which is more than a hundred kilometres wide is simply a spot for sore eyes. The valley is covered by dense and thick forests, all indigenous, forming a green cover that stretches for acres beyond.

Things to do in Limuru

An activity to engage in is bird watching, looking at the flying flocks painting the sky different shades of colour.

The valley has a backdrop view of Mount Longonot which adds to the sheer splendour of sightseeing; it is simply breathtaking.

On a good day and when the weather is favourable, go on a short nature trail and explore the different plant species found around. Exercise caution though as the terrain might be a bit jagged.

Be sure to bring your best camera along, as this is the best spot to capture nature at its best.

There are some jewellery shops selling different wares at very affordable prices, so feel free to add to your collection of souvenirs while interacting with the locals; you might learn a new thing about the place.

Kiambethu Farm

For the nature lovers, this is your go-to place, and if you are a caffeine junkie, this will definitely spice things up.

Their signature welcoming style is by offering cups of tea or freshly brewed coffee. As you sip on your beverage, which will do you justice especially in the cold weather, the guides then explain the tea making process, from planting, the growth process, harvesting and processing.

Thereafter, guests are taken on a trip though the vast tea estates, where they get to see the plant in its rawest form. It is intriguing to see how green and fresh they look.

Guests come from far and beyond to gain insights into the tea making process. Botanical gardens are also located within, laden with different flowers and plant species that do more than add to the outlook of the place.

You can sit by the gardens overlooking the distant hills as you sip on your drink. Occasionally, colobus monkeys can be spotted jumping on the trees, instantly adding to the nature vibe of the place.

Lunch is served in buffet style where different dishes are arrayed for visitors to have their pick, topped with the most sumptuous dessert.

The serenity of the place is to die for, and is the ideal spot to go to if you are looking to relax, cool off and feel rejuvenated.

Charges are about USD 40 a person, and children below twelve pay half the price

Limuru Country Club

If you are a golfer, or are simply interested in the sport, this should top your bucket list.

The catch however is you need to be a member, or have a known member sign you in to gain access. Otherwise, the state-of-the-art facility is perfect with top tier servicing.

The staff is very hospitable and easy to get along with, ready to cater for your every need.

The golf course is exactly what you need for a challenging, engaging yet thrilling activity.

If you are a beginner, this is the perfect opportunity to learn and have the professionals train you.

The place is very family friendly, the best way to bond in an outdoor space. A heated pool is located within, so you get to let loose and still exercise.

Touring the expansive piece of land while riding on a horse is something you should definitely try.

Grass/lawn bowling, where you roll balls towards a particular goal, is very likely to spice up your day and leave you feeling plumped up.

Food and drinks, made by the most skilled hands are also offered. The facility will definitely give you value for money.

Red Hill Art Gallery

This chill spot is your ideal place if you are a lover of art. Located in Red Hill area, off the St Julian’s road, the gallery features both contemporary and African art from different artists.

Exhibitions are occasionally held to feature different regional artists who come to showcase their prowess, whether paintings or simply pencil sketches.

Red Hill Art Gallery In Limuru

The facility contains work amassed from as far back as 20 years ago. They also encourage upcoming artists to focus on their art by teaching them new skills through the exhibitions.

The facility is glammed up by gardens and outdoor spaces where guests can sit and chat as they get lost in the beauty of nature and art.

Located on the outskirts of Nairobi means that the area is hardly crowded, perfect especially if you are big on privacy and laid back places.

Buxton Tunnel

If spooky stuff interests you, then visiting the Buxton Tunnel is just right for you. Built in the British era in the 1940s, the tunnel is among the longest and oldest in the country.

It served and still serves as a passageway for trains. The tunnel is about two kilometres long, and the further you go, the darker and scarier it gets.

The real fear and thrill lies in not knowing what lies beyond the darkness. If you decide to venture, exercise caution as animals tend to frequent the place since it lies unguarded.

Túrí A Múmbi

This Kikuyu phrase is loosely translated to mean ‘We belong to Múmbi.’ Múmbi and Agikuyu are believed to be the pioneers of the Kikuyu tribe.

Located off Limuru road, the facility is a cultural site that contains hundreds of artefacts telling the tale of an ardent Kikuyu culture.

Wares such as weapons that were used in defense from enemies, old farm implements since Gikuyus are famous farmers and traditional regalia, garments worn by men and jewellery worn by women are also found here.

Picnic activities would best thrive here, well knowing that there is no better way to bond other than over tasty meals.

You can also go for hiking activities in their nature trails and sample different plant species along the way.

A small waterfall adds to the grandeur of the place, and makes the ideal spot for photo sessions, so make sure to bring a good camera with you.

Dam Redhill

Located off the new Limuru road, this is the perfect spot if you are looking for fun and thrilling activities to engage in, either on your own or with a group of friends.

It also doubles up as an amusement park for children, fully packed with all the amenities to physically engage them such as swings, slides and trampolines.

The list of water activities to engage in is endless, starting with boat riding, where you cruise the dam waters on a pedalled boat.

Sport fishing where you try your luck in catching fish is something you should try. In case you get lucky, your catch is specially cooked for you at a small fee.

Dine in the floating restaurant that will instantly give you the feel of dining on a ship. You get to enjoy your delicacy as you get lost in the beauty of nature and breezy air.

Want that adrenaline coursing through your veins? Try zip lining, which is offered at a fee. The zip line isn’t that long, but will surely give you the thrill you crave for.

If the zip line doesn’t do you justice, try jet skiing for the ultimate adrenaline rush experience. The dam is big enough for you to ski on your watercraft.

The resort has a twenty kilometre track that is best toured on a bicycle, which is up for hire. It is not only a good way to exercise, but is also fun as you can engage in racing games with family and friends.

Once you have toured Limuru, Elementaita is only 100 km away, and has so much to offer including a beautiful scenery, a lake to explore and the Rift Valley to marvel at.