Exciting Places For Team Building Activities In Naivasha

There are several reasons why companies are incorporating team-building activities into their plan, among them the need to enhance teamwork among colleagues and hone certain skills needed at work.

If you and your coworkers are looking for a place to retreat to for these reasons, Naivasha, a small town in Nakuru County is your perfect destination, if the tranquillity and serene environment is anything to go by.

The town is home to several facilities that are ideal for team building, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The activities can either be indoor or outdoor, accompanied by intense training sessions. Below is a list of the most popular.

1. Lake Naivasha Resort

Well known for their state-of-the-art facilities, grandeur and hospitable staff, visit the premises for an executive experience.

Trainers to equip you with different skills to suit your area of work are available and guaranteed to offer the best services. Facilitators are also available to guide you through outdoor activities.

Team Building Activities in Naivasha

In the expansive resort, engage in games to boost team effort, such as tug of war and relay races.

At the swimming pool, toss a water ball among your colleagues or engage in different water sports.

The gardens are ideal for sit-down conversations to enhance communication among you.

2. Enashipa Resort and Spa

At this executive facility, team-building activities can be undertaken if their detailed package is anything to go by.

Overlooking Lake Naivasha, go on guided boat cruises where you can spend quality time with your colleagues and deepen relations.

Engage in activities such as scavenger hunting, bike races and group nature trails to enhance the spirit of unity.

At dusk, light a bonfire and enjoy the chirping crickets as you engage in conversations with your coworkers to foster communication skills.

3. Fina Gardens Resort

From well-trained facilitators to an expansive facility in a serene atmosphere, a retreat to Fina Gardens in Karagita is guaranteed to meet your team’s objectives.

Training sessions are offered, tailored to suit your team’s job description, and will further sharpen important skills among your colleagues.

For a wide range of outdoor activities that will enhance teamwork, unity and trust and help you navigate through challenges together, the well-maintained gardens will do justice.

Take breaks in between to bond and get to know your colleagues better.

Indoor activities such as board games would thrive in the spacious conference rooms.

4. Jaza Naivasha Resort

Boat excursions across the stunning Lake Naivasha, group nature trails through the wild, various outdoor activities and intense training sessions are part of the team-building package at Jaza Naivasha Resort.

The alluring gardens are captivating, and the fresh crisp air will definitely give you that city break, and reduce the tension that comes with work.

Play outdoor team games such as tug of war, form human knots, relay races and even football.

5. Sawela Lodges

For a five-star experience in a facility with modern architecture and alluring decor, Sawela Lodge has you covered.

Their team building package is intense, equipping your colleagues or employees with skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking.

Have a picnic in the lush green gardens, giving you the chance to get to know your colleagues better.

Games such as races, football, volleyball and scavenger hunting can be played in the field, and for indoor games, the facility has provision for board games, lip-syncing challenges and even charades to hone skills such as communication and problem-solving.

6. Great Rift Valley Lodge

For team-building activities suited to help you achieve your objectives, the Great Rift Valley Lodge is your go-to place.

Go on a boat excursion where you and your colleagues can try fishing expeditions.

Engage in a wide range of outdoor activities like ball games and circle games such as blind cow.

During breaks, enjoy snacks or food as you engage in conversations with your colleagues.

Training sessions are offered to equip you with different skills needed at places of work.

7. Sopa Lodge

This three-star facility located at Sulmac Village is superb for hosting team-building activities for any kind of corporate set-up.

If you’re looking for facilitators to make the retreat feel productive, the lodge will cater to that. Trainers are also available, well versed with knowledge in different sectors.

For activities that will foster teamwork and build trust and unity, ball games, scavenger hunting, group hikes and walks, boat rides and picnics in the vast premises will do the trick.

The lodge has spacious cottages where indoor games can also be held.