The Best Clubs and Lounges Along Moi Avenue

Moi Avenue is a street situated in Nairobi’s CBD and one of the busiest and oldest roads within the vicinity. Intersected by other major routes like Haille Sellasie Street, this avenue boasts of major and popular buildings in Nairobi.

They include corporate buildings like Bihi Towers and shopping malls like Imenti House and Sawa Mall, both of which are home to hundreds of renowned retail stores.

Entertainment joints have not been left behind, and the avenue is home to popular 18+ joints that revellers go to unwind. Below is a list of the most famous ones;

1. Avenida Lounge and Restaurant

Located on the first floor of Contrust house, this spectacular facility is a popular relaxing spot within Moi Avenue.

After a long day spent at work, simply retreat to the place, as you enjoy the tranquillity and impressive panoramic views.

Avenida Lounge and Restaurant

Order a quick slap-up meal or something heavier, so you need not worry about dinner. Need a drink to steady you? The bar area has you covered with its wide array of drinks, both alcoholic and not.

Weekends are a flurry of activities with revellers rushing to grab a spot, so be sure to arrive early or make a reservation.

2. Swols Lounge

Impressive architecture, luminous flashing lights and booming music is the scene that defines the Swols Lounge located in Imperial Chambers.

What better way to climax your week, or wind down after a long day, other than sitting in an elegant place and having your needs catered to?

Begin your night by trying out one of their dishes, and once the foundation is set, proceed to the dance floor and let it all out; the resident DJ will see to that by blasting the latest jams.

The lounge occasionally features music artists and hype men who will further spice up your night.

3. Club City Space

With the daily hassle of trying to earn a living, dancing in a comfortable space with reckless abandon is a sure way to wind down one evening or over the weekend.

What better place to do this other than the Club City Space on Moi Avenue?

Start by ordering a delicacy from their detailed menu. Thereafter, grab your drink of choice and while the night away; you could opt for shots, cocktails or go entirely on those bottles.

Beers are often offered at a discounted price, so you get to have fun without spending lavishly.

4. Edge Lounge

For those who fancy a wild night with parties and booming music till the wee hours, Edge Lounge is just right for you.

Constantly flocked by young people looking for a way to wind down, this might be the chance to make new acquaintances.

All kinds of drinks are available, from non-alcoholic to wines, spirits, whiskeys and beers, being sold at friendly prices.

Get entertained by the dance crews, karaoke sessions and live performances from music artists, your night will be nothing short of thrilling.

5. Samba Bar and Restaurant

Located in Tumaini house, Samba Bar is your go-to place if you want some alone time in a less crowded environment.

The atmosphere here is largely calm and gives out a laid-back vibe. Their restaurant gives you the chance to experience culinary services at its best.

Try out a new drink from the bar area, order your signature drink, and party the night away as you vibe to the rhythmic music jams the DJ blasts.

6. City Platinum Club

Widely recognised for its top-tier services, the City Platinum Club located near Kenya Cinema is another haven of entertainment.

Flocked by locals and expatriates, you’re guaranteed nothing short of an exhilarating experience.

The crowds will awe you with the stunning ladies and swanky lads very ready to mingle.

Enjoy nice discounts on feel-good Fridays, where three bottles of beer earn you a quarter kg of meat.

Looking for a place to showcase your dance moves? Then this is just right for you.

7. Scratch Bar and Grill

Located in Sonalux House, the entertainment scene at Scratch Bar is exactly what you need to feel rejuvenated.

From savoury dishes and tasty snacks to a fully stocked bar area that will not disappoint, feel free to stop by for a quick fix or stay till the wee hours on weekends; the place is open daily for 24hrs.

Wednesdays are a complete vibe with their cocktail drinks that will have you ordering more.

If you are a reggae lover, then Sundays have you covered with unlimited reggae songs from way back; old is gold after all.