Fun Places To Visit Along Mombasa Road

Mombasa Road, also known as the Nairobi-Mombasa Road, connects Nairobi, Kenya’s capital and largest city, with Mombasa, the country’s largest port city.

The route travels through significant towns such as Athi River and Konza and is home to a variety of entertaining sites to visit. They are detailed below;

Savannah Coffee House

This facility is another branch of the Savanna coffee shops and is located in the spacious, open-aired Sameer Business Park.

Sitting outside in the sunshine and watching the hustle and bustle of activity on Mombasa Road is a fantastic perk of this location. Even the lights and atmosphere are perfect for setting the scene at night.

Savanna coffee house in Sameer business park, Mombasa Road

The café is best suited for day time activities since they close at 7:30 p.m.

There are a few waiters present, so service is often quick and satisfactory. There are seldom ever any crowds there, making it a perfect location for those who fancy some privacy.

Their menu features a wide range of delicacies; from main meals to slap-up meals, beverages and desserts.

Eka Hotel

The Eka Hotel is a four-star facility that exudes luxury and features several amenities.

In-room flat-screen TVs are standard to keep guests entertained, and working desks are available for guests’ convenience.

Enjoy a mouth-watering breakfast served in either buffet or continental style.

An on-site restaurant is present, which provides regional specialities, African delicacies, and vegetarian dishes.

A business centre is also available for guests to hold corporate meetings at their convenience.

The wellness wing of the hotel offers services including massages, body treatment, and facials to its visitors, that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

There’s a coffee shop and a gift store on the premises that are open all the time.

Panari Sky Centre and Hotel

The Panari Hotel is a five-star resort, and is home to Nairobi’s first solar-powered ice skating rink.

The Black Gold Cafe serves excellent lattes and is located on the hotel’s main level.

The atmosphere is wonderful, the music is mellow, and the staff is friendly and hospitable.

If you’re looking for a place to unwind for the evening, the Shooters and Dips bar is on the ground level as well, offering easy access to guests.

The second floor of the hotel also has a variety of eateries to choose from, the most famous of which is the Pampas Brazilian steak house, which serves the most tantalizing meat dishes among other international and local cuisines.

Fifteen Rooftop Hotel

Fifteen Rooftop is one of the best places to hang out on Mombasa Road. Its prime location ensures that visitors will be treated to stunning sunsets and sweeping vistas.

The hotel’s ambience is complemented by three upscale establishments: the Chef’s Table Restaurant, the Generali Bar, and the Sunset Lounge.

Using only the freshest organic ingredients and a dash of modern flair, they prepare food that is both comforting and flavourful.

They also offer a wide variety of cocktails and carefully curated meals featuring gourmet fusion and tapas cuisine.

The African Heritage House

Overlooking Nairobi National Park, the African Heritage House is a synthesis of mud structures from different African countries.

It was created by American Alan Donovan, co-founder of the African Heritage Pan African Galleries.

The African Heritage House along Mombasa Road

Visitors can arrange to be shown around the home by a private guide.

The hotel offers a variety of services, including three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the rooftop deck or by the refreshing pool), and events and conferences.

Accommodation is also offered in luxurious rooms at different prices.

The Tunnel

The Tunnel, located on Mombasa Road, is one of the most frequented nightlife destinations in the neighbourhood, and its popularity draws revellers from all over the town.

The Tunnel is the best spot to go on weekend nights if you want to go dancing with your buddies and simply unwind.

If you want to wow your guests at your next birthday party or any other event, plan ahead and reserve a room at the venue over the phone; you will not be disappointed.

Ole Sereni Hotel

Begin your day by witnessing zebras stopping for a morning drink from your room’s private balcony at the 2.5.4 Ole Sereni, the most famous three-star hotel in Nairobi, which is conveniently located near the airport and faces the Nairobi National Park.

They will take you on an exciting safari or game drive through the bush while being constantly protected by local tribes.

No matter how you spend your day, the Duma Salon & Spa is available to help you recharge with a variety of exotic body massages and facials.