Fun Activities To Do At Sarit Centre In Nairobi

Opened in 1983, Sarit centre is one of the country’s biggest malls, and the very first in Kenya.

Over the years, different local and international stores have opened branches at the mall, making it one of the busiest in Nairobi.

Located off Waiyaki way, in the affluent suburbs of Westlands just a few kilometres away from Yaya Centre, Sarit Centre is your go-to place if you are looking to have a good time.

Sarit Centre Mall

The setup is family-friendly, and group activities would surely thrive here, so tag your friends along for some quality time. Below is a list of fun activities to do at the mall;

1. Learn new skills at the Sarit Expo Centre

Branded the biggest conference and exhibition centre in East Africa, the expo centre largely exudes elegance, if the architecture and décor are anything to go by.

Corporate meetings, beauty, educational and tourism fairs are held at the centre, and this is your chance to be part of something great.

The lavish Samantha bridal occasionally holds its events there, bringing together wedding planners from all over.

At the educational fairs, you might get a chance at securing scholarships at prestigious universities.

If you are a fashionista, you will be in for a real treat with the statement designs showcased at those glamorous events.

Should you happen to travel from far, the centre offers exemplary accommodation facilities to its guests, at top-tier hotels like Movenpick Hotels and Residence.

2. Watch movies at Century Cinemax

After a long day at work, or if you are looking to unwind, a good movie is surely going to steady you.

Why not do that at a movie theatre? Century Cinemax, the biggest cinema in the country, has a branch at the mall.

Streaming blockbuster movies, musicals, classics like Titanic and even Kenyan films. Tickets go for as low as KES 400 and the highest for KES 900. Additionally, you buy 3D glasses for only KES. 300, spicing up your experience by making your experience live and exhilarating.

There is a kid’s cinema streaming animations and cartoons suitable for children of all ages, so bring the young ones with you for a good time.

Snacks like popcorns are available to keep them distracted as they watch.

3. Indulge in foreign cuisines

For both dine-ins, takeaways and orders, the food court at Sarit Center is loaded with hundreds of eateries to choose from.

At Chinese corner, try their specialities like dim sums, spring rolls and stir-fried tofu rice.

Chiq Japanese restaurant gives you the chance to try out dishes like sushi and sashimi, in case you wonder what they taste like.

Fonda’s Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant has great reviews about their food, especially the mouthwatering enchiladas and tacos.

4. Play games at The Jungle

The Jungle is a kid’s area inside the mall and is sure to distract your children for a couple of hours as you shop.

Stocked with a wide array of play equipment like maze nets, swings, slides and trampolines, your child will have an awesome experience.

A ball pit is available to teach your child some diving skills.

At the Jungle, it is mandatory to have safety socks on, all the time.

A kid’s menu is available, serving different dishes that would be enticing to any child.

5. Bowling at Pins entertainment

Next door, Pins entertainment has a bowling alley, and this is the chance to try out the game if you haven’t already.

The game is all about rolling a ball down an alley with the aim of knocking down bottles.

The game is best enjoyed with a group, so tag your friends and have fun playing against each other.

6. Shop for clothes at LC Waikiki

When you look good, you feel good, so why not shop for elegant clothes at LC Waikiki, one of the country’s leading clothing stores?

From men’s wear to women’s and children’s outfits, the store ensures that you leave the place having got value for money.

They sell fancy shoes as well, so if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, it’s the place to be.

7. Buy gifts at Rupa’s gift centre

If you wish to gift a loved one and are unsure of what to get, Rupa’s gift centre will give you ideas to choose from; fragrances, jewellery and accessories, candy, gift cards, personalized mugs and thermoses, notebooks, the list is endless.

Looking for those gifts that come in sets, this is the place to shop, with the offer to engrave messages on the gift you buy.