Fun Activities To Do At Gateway Mall In Nairobi

The Gateway mall is a modern shopping facility located along Airport Road, Syokimau, in Nairobi’s outskirts, and is near the Syokimau railway terminus.

With hundreds of local and international retail stores to choose from, all you have to do is enjoy your time.

The mall is ideal for solo dates, and hangouts with friends or family, so feel free to tag your people with you.

Gateway Mall opens daily at 7.00 a.m and closes at 11.00 p.m.

Gateway Mall In Nairobi

Their security features are enhanced, and parking facilities are plentiful.

Below is a list of fun things to do at the mall;

1. Indulge in Indian Cuisine at Secret Ingredients

If you like your meals savoury and really spicy, the Secret Ingredients restaurant is your go-to place.

Opening at 10.00 a.m. daily, the restaurant specializes in Indian dishes that will leave you craving for more.

From fish curry, chana masala, chicken tikka, jeera chicken, mutton, bbq and Poussin chips, this is your chance to try out new delicacies.

The dishes are served with different accompaniments and a side of salad.

For vegetarians, they have a variety of delicacies to choose from as well.

2. Wine and dine at Mavericks restaurant

For an all-round dining experience in a state-of-the-art facility, this is your go-to place.

Heard of Haute cuisine? This is your chance to experience it, in both local and international dishes.

Food is served in a buffet style so you have varieties to choose from. Their dishes include roast chicken, spaghetti laziale, chicken mushroom, chicken lemonade and fish.

Slap up meals like burgers and samosas are also available. Top this meal up with a nice dessert of either cake or ice cream.

Their collection of drinks, boozy or soft adds grandeur to the whole experience.

3. Party at the 254 Lounge

Now, what’s a good night without good vibes, energy and drinks to go with it?

The 254 Lounge offers you all that and more, exactly what you need to unwind after a long day.

Their bar area is fully stocked with hundreds of drinks to choose from, whether you like them stiff or soft.

Feel free to mingle with other revellers; your perfect chance to make new acquaintances.

A resident DJ is available to entertain you with different songs throughout the night, so you don’t get bored.

Additionally, guest artists are occasionally featured to add spice to the night with banger songs.

4. Have fun at the Virtual Reality arcade

If you are seeking to wind down in the most thrilling way, then try the Virtual Reality arcade.

A virtual reality game practically immerses you into it, as an actual player, instead of the usual game where you control players using a console. The set features 3D glasses to add to the thrill.

Different games can be played, from actions, thrillers, comics, and basically any genre you can think of.

The games are suitable for everyone, children and adults alike, though not advisable for persons with heart conditions due to high adrenaline levels.

5. Take photos and videos at Teluna Studios

Nothing stocks up on memories like a good picture or video, so if you are a sucker for the same, book a slot at Teluna Studios and let them take professional snaps of you.

Whether you’re looking to commemorate a birthday, graduation ceremony, anniversary or any special day, they have you covered in that.

They have stylists and make-up artists on standby, in case you need any of their services.

Want to shoot a video for commercial purposes or even a music video? Then this is the ideal spot for that.

6. Dress up at Lydia Key store and at Bata

If you are looking to dress up, literally, in those attires that dazzle your whole look, then the Lydia Key collection is just right for you.

Their speciality is all kinds of dresses, from office and formal attire to casual dresses and gowns to wear to evening parties, functions and dates.

They have all kinds of sizes and shapes as well, for children, teens and adults alike.

Whether you like it decent or the kind with high slits that will have heads turning, all you need is to make a choice and pay up.

Looking to add to your shoe collection? The Bata chain store has a branch at the mall, selling elegant shoes at different prices, with occasional crazy discounts that will see you leave the store with at least a pair.