Must Visit Halal Restaurants In Nairobi

Halal is a word derived from Arabic, meaning something lawful, permissible or accepted in Islam. Halal restaurants ideally operate under certain laws when it comes to food.

One of the rules is that the ingredients used to prepare their meals should be as natural and fresh as possible, with little exposure to toxins and chemicals that might affect the human body.

Below is a list of top halal restaurants in Nairobi;

1. Kilimanjaro Jamia Restaurant

Dine with elegance at this restaurant located along Banda Street in Nairobi, and experience top-tier culinary servicing from experienced chefs, seeking to bring you the best.

Kilimanjaro Jamia Restaurant in Nairobi

Enjoy rare dishes such as camel meat, tastefully made to make sure you go back a second time. Other seasoned dishes like biryani, pilau, chicken, fish and beef are also available.

For dietary restrictions like vegans, they have a variety of options for you.

Top up your food experience with their dessert specialities, or your drink of choice, from soft drinks, milkshakes and fresh fruit juices.

2. Marrwa Restaurant

Situated along Muindi Mbingu Street in the CBD, Marrwa Restaurant has carved a niche for itself as a leading halal restaurant, with its priority being customer satisfaction.

From breakfast varieties, lunch and dinner specials, to quick snacks, desserts and drinks, your experience will be nothing short of satisfactory.

The restaurant is ideal for group hangouts, and they have a kid’s menu as well. They are open daily from 6.00 am to 9.00 at night.

3. Open House Restaurant

For a fine dining experience in a serene area with stunning views, the Open House Restaurant located at the Gallant Mall in Parklands should be your next stop.

Priding themselves in serving the best local and international cuisines, all you need to do is choose.

Their starters will do justice in boosting your appetite, and their main courses are tailored to suit your taste.

Enjoy chicken cooked in different styles, seafood such as prawns and crabs, naan bread, mutton and different types of salad.

4. Al-Yusra Restaurant

Specializing in both Swahili and Somali cuisines, Al-Yusra Restaurant has been highly reviewed as offering both halal and quality foods.

They are located along Banda Street.

Al-yusra Restaurant in Nairobi

Their menu is detailed, with varieties like chicken shawarma, mutton biryani, fish tikka and more, all following the halal way of preparation.

The restaurant also prioritizes hygiene, making it a top destination for foodies. Child-friendly dishes are also available, and the staff is nothing short of nice, giving you an all-rounded experience, and value for money.

5. CJ’s restaurant

CJ’s is a leading chain restaurant in Nairobi, and with a wide customer base, its services are tailored to suit everyone who walks in.

Their foods are made the halal way, with ingredients freshly sourced, and their meat dishes meet the standards.

Sample different cuisines like seafood such as prawns and shrimps, differently cooked meat dishes served along starch like ugali, rice, naan and more.

Breakfast options are available, and snacks for the sweet-toothed. Wash it down with a drink from their detailed menu.

6. Snack Attack

Situated in Adams Arcade along Ngong Road, Snack Attack is a quick-stop restaurant that has consistently offered quality services to customers.

From quick fixes such as burgers to main meals such as grilled chicken and classic beef, their food has been known to meet halal standards.

The facility is not only elegant but clean and hygienic as well. Tag your children along to enjoy the food and drink varieties as well.

7. KFC

Being the second-largest fast-food chain restaurant globally, Kentucky Fried Chicken specializes in chicken dishes and has been credited with meeting halal standards.

Their ingredients are fresh and natural, and their slaughtering process is nothing short of satisfactory.

Their menu includes delicacies such as crispy chicken, wings, chicken salad, burgers and more, alongside drinks like sodas and milkshakes.

8. Bin Agil Catering Limited

This is another leading halal restaurant situated in Pangani. For the best and most nutritious Swahili and local cuisines, the restaurant will not disappoint.

Sample savoury dishes like pilau, chicken tikka, biryani, chicken curry, fish fingers and more.

They have an iftar menu catering to the Muslims during their prayer schedules such as Ramadhan.

For the children, varieties to cater to them are available, and a drinks corner is also present to cushion you in the hot weather.

They live up to their mantra; exceptional dining every day.